Online Central Location

Employees can quickly find policies, procedures, forms, and other critical job-related documents, from anywhere in a matter of seconds.

When they are on the job, they can access the information they need from any internet-enabled device. For higher liability policies, obtain electronic signatures to help mitigate risk if an incident does occur


Versatile Collaboration Tools

Provide each department with an efficient way to create, store and update their policies and procedures.

With online workflows, document owners are automatically reminded when a document is due to be reviewed and can send changes electronically for approval. Each department can set up their workflows to meet their unique approval processes. With audit trails and a side-by-side comparison tool, employees can see who made a change, when the change was made and how the document was changed.

Case Study

Trilogy Wellness of Maryland

Upholding industry compliance for compassionate, patient-centered care. By the Numbers: 11 Employees, Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.62 Qualified, Licensed by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC)

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Cannabis-Mana copy
Case Study

Mana Supply Holdings is Keeping Cannabis Compliant

Mana Supply Holdings is a multi-state, medical cannabis operation with both medical cannabis retail stores and manufacturing facilities. With nearly 100 employees and growing rapidly, Mana Supply views compliance as critical for their company to remain operational and profitable.

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Online Training

Save on employee overtime costs by providing online training for topics such as workplace harassment, rather than scheduling classroom time.

Onboard new employees quicker by having the training they need accessible to them on day one. Additionally, each department can create and manage their own training courses by uploading videos, PowerPoints, images, or documents.


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