How is PowerDMS different from the competition?

Many software solutions share similar features. But PowerDMS isn’t just another piece of software. Our products are designed specifically for the unique needs of public safety. We know it takes a special kind of person to work in the fire service, and we believe it takes a special kind of software to serve you.


Top problems we solve

Top problems with

Top problems we solve

Outdated Processes

Stay current with automatic updates

Save time and effort with cloud-based policy management software. Automatic alerts, side-by-side comparisons, and version control all work to help you keep track of changes and eliminate outdated policies everywhere they exist. No more tracking down and removing old versions manually.

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Limited Accountability

Track who has signed what

Electronic signature tracking, audit trails, dashboards, and reports combine to make accountability standard practice within your department. Reduce liability with a streamlined way to stay compliant without burdening your staff. 

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Policy Communication & Collaboration

Operate with confidence

Maintaining the proper policies and SOPs to meet your SLA expectations has never been easier. Disseminate mission-critical information with the touch of a button, ensure documentation is always up-to-date, and eliminate wasteful paper processes that take too much time and manual effort. 

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Assessment Prep

Reduce prep time by 50%

With less manual effort, assessment prep won’t monopolize your department’s resources. Save time and effort with software that does the work for you. 

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Manual Updates

Easily track policy and SOP updates

Eliminate time-consuming manual processes for tracking policy and SOP changes. Use automated policy review tools and intelligently link policies to standards to receive automatic alerts when an update may impact a policy linked to that standard.

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Streamline communication and collaboration

Improve collaboration with a streamlined system that allows you to assign specific tasks, standards, or chapters to subject matter experts both within and outside of your department. Improve communication with automated notifications and reminders to keep everyone informed of their tasks, updates to standards, and policy/SOP changes.

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Demonstrating Excellence

Demonstrate your commitment to excellence

Achieve accreditation the easier way. Centralized tools for standards mapping, task management, and self-assessments help you demonstrate your department’s commitment to excellence without overburdening your staff. 

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Citizen Feedback

Measure citizen satisfaction

Fire departments don’t have a streamlined system for collecting citizen feedback about safety services. Without a method for collecting feedback, fire departments can’t get a clear picture of how to make improvements, justify decisions, or further build a relationship with the community they serve.

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Low Morale

Build firefighters up

Positive feedback from citizens is sent directly to firefighters and can be displayed on department screens to boost morale and show staff they are appreciated. Additionally, PowerEngage’s peer check-in facilitation ensures firefighters receive the support they need after particularly tough experiences.

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Manual Communications

Automate citizen communication

Fire departments don’t have an efficient way to communicate directly with citizens during and after emergency situations. Methods for informing citizens usually require excessive manual effort and staffing, which take time and resources fire departments don’t have. An automated solution can help.

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Attracting Candidates

Attract more recruits

Become an employer of choice by demonstrating your commitment to firefighter morale as well as positive community and department relationships. Engage tech-savvy candidates with QR codes that automatically connect them to a chat with a recruiter.

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Overtime & Burnout

Easier schedule management

Prevent firefighter burnout with digital schedule management that offers 24/7 real-time schedule visibility, streamlines time-off requests, and helps eliminate excessive overtime with an internal warning system.

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Manual Scheduling

Automate your schedules

Build digital schedules with speed and accuracy, eliminate manual errors, and ensure every shift is fully staffed with properly certified personnel. Never juggle outdated paper schedules again.

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Schedule Reporting

Get a clear picture of your scheduling

Collect schedule data, create reports, and export payroll information with simple scheduling software. Get the information you need to inform decisions and make improvements in your station.

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Schedule Visibility

Communicate updates and provide access

Provide real-time scheduling information, and communicate critical schedule updates with automatic texts or email blasts. Take advantage of functionality built specifically for public safety with 24/7 coverage, rotating shifts, and fulfilling minimum staffing requirements.

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Ensuring Excellence

Instill a culture of excellence

Centralize and standardize your training resources in one easy-to-access cloud-based location to ensure every firefighter is trained to the same standard of excellence. Monitor trainee progress and trainer effectiveness, identify patterns of success, and recognize areas for improvement.

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Protecting Responders

Keep responding units safe

Operate confidently, knowing every firefighter has received consistent and complete EMT training. Standardized, cloud-based training allows you to equip your team and consistently improve your training program to ensure the safety of responders.

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Bring the focus back to high-quality training

Simplify your onboarding and training processes with automated documentation. Built-in quiz templates, required comment fields, and customizable alerts work together to streamline your processes so documentation doesn’t get in the way of great training.

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Manual Processes

Automate department training processes

Eliminate tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone manual processes. A centralized system allows you to manage all your training in a single cloud-based location with 24/7 access from any digital device. Automate your onboarding and training processes by assigning tasks to individuals, groups, or departments.

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How we help fire departments

No matter the size or complexity of your station, we can help you succeed.

  • Attract top recruits
  • Reduce burnout
  • Improve firefighter well-being
  • Create a culture of excellence
  • Update policies 4x faster
  • Reduce accreditation prep by 50% or more
  • Build trust and positive relationships

How we help your staff

Top questions we get asked

Explore answers to the top questions we get asked by fire service professionals

What agencies near me use PowerDMS?

We work with over 7,000 public safety agencies nationwide. From some of the largest departments to the smallest.

View the agencies near you
Can we expand our PowerDMS account to include other municipal departments?

Yes. You can expand your use of PowerDMS to other departments, all while maintaining a separate and secure system for your agency’s documents.

We serve hundreds of municipalities, and they frequently set up PowerDMS for all city employees.

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What kind of content is compatible with PowerPolicy and PowerStandards?

You can utilize a variety of content types: daily briefs, memos, maps and floor plans, training videos, checklists, contracts, surveys, certificates, and more.

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What standards manuals does PowerDMS publish?

We publish state, national, and international standards.

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What kind of communications can PowerEngage send?

PowerEngage sends communication directly to citizens via text. Send pre-arrival instructions, case updates, and response delays to keep callers informed, as well as surveys to gather feedback after an officer-citizen interaction. 

What kind of training models does PowerFTO support?

PowerFTO is very customizable and can accommodate several standard training models. The software includes customizable resources for training new recruits and probationary positions throughout your department. 

How much does PowerDMS cost?

PowerDMS solutions are priced based on your department’s type and size with base set-up and training costs. Depending on the products you choose, your annual cost will be determined by the number of full-time employees, how many licenses you require, or your volume of CAD incidents. There are several add-ons available as well to custom-fit your department’s specific needs.

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What ROI can I expect from PowerDMS?

Each of our solutions deliver a different ROI and VOI (value on investment). Please schedule a no-obligation demo to learn how PowerDMS meets your unique needs.

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See how this New Jersey department reduced liability and cut costs by using PowerDMS

Bridgeton (NJ) Fire Department Holding firefighters accountable to excellence while cutting costs.

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Trusted by the Fire Service

Springfield Police Department

“Any time that you can increase public safety transparency, in my opinion, you’re better protecting the citizens of your community. In law enforcement, transparency and accountability is everything. And if you don’t have that with your community, then you have nothing.”

Brandy Osborne - Accreditation Manager

Milton Hershey School

"PowerDMS helps our employees feel confident in what they're doing day-to-day and it helps management feel confident that everything is being done consistently."

Jessica Erickson - Campus Safety

International Association of Chiefs of Police, University of Central Florida

"Not only does [PowerDMS] protect the agency, but more importantly, it protects the officers...that's peace of mind for the officers, and you can't put a price on that."

Richard Beary - Former President of International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), Chief Emeritus from the University of Central Florida

Buckeye Police Department

"[Using PowerDMS], your efficiencies will be far and away better than what you're experiencing now."

Ed Goodman - Accreditation Coordinator

Seminole County Sheriff's Office

"Revise a policy and with one click, release it to hundreds of people, creating accountability for supervisors to be able to see exactly who has signed off on policies."

Will Stone - Sergeant

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