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How is PowerDMS different from the competition?

Many policy management solutions share similar features – the ability to store, organize, distribute, and track policies. But PowerDMS Healthcare goes a step further, integrating your policies, training, and accreditation content to achieve everyday compliance.


Top problems we solve

How we help healthcare organizations

We help accredited healthcare organizations of all shapes and sizes in a few key ways:

  • Centralize and connect scattered documents and processes
  • Ensure staff have immediate access to current information
  • Automate employee attestations and knowledge testing
  • Simplify document workflow and approvals
  • Cut survey prep by 60% and maintain survey readiness

How we help your staff

Top questions we get asked

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What standards do we publish in PowerStandards?

We publish state, national, and international standards. With our Standards as a Professional Service, you can add nearly any standards manual to PowerDMS and unlock the full functionality of our accreditation management solution.  To see the full list of standards we publish, visit our affiliates page or check out the healthcare-related standards below:

  • Healthcare: AAAHC, CIHQ, DNV, NCCHC, TJC, CARF, ACHC, and NCQA
  • ISO: ISO 17025, ISO 15189, ISO 9000, ISO 9001, ISO 9004, ISO 17020, ISO 17021-1, ISO 17043, ISO 27001, ISO 27002, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, ISO 22000, ISO 45001, ISO 17011 
How does PowerPolicy and PowerStandards help me maintain survey readiness?

The PowerStandards allows you to map your policies, procedures, and proofs of compliance to your accreditation standards. PowerPolicy serves as a central repository for all your compliance documents. When your documents or standards are updated, you automatically get alerted about the potential impacts, along with a visual comparison so you can easily identify every change.

Each policy that has been mapped to a standard includes a reference of all related standards. This gives administrators the power to see each standard related to the document before updating said document.

With this tool, you can feel confident that your documents are always in compliance. Keep reading to see additional features that help you prepare for surveys or onsite assessments.

Can PowerPolicy help simplify our editing and approval processes?

Yes. We’re here to save you time and frustration. Our software integrates with Microsoft Office, Office 365, One Drive, and Google Drive. So when you need to edit a document in PowerPolicy, you can edit within these apps. When you click save within an app, the changes are also saved in PowerPolicy. 

Can your software help my organization track licenses and credentials?

Yes. With our Training add-on, you can track and schedule recurring reminders to renew certifications and licenses.

Does PowerPolicy provide version control for our documents?

Yes. It’s easy to stay organized with a single, published version of each policy. When it’s time to update a document, all reviewers access a single draft. Once the draft is approved and published, a couple things happen. First, the previous version is automatically archived so you can reference it for future use if necessary. Secondly, every instance of that policy across your policy, training, and accreditation solutions will be updated as well. 

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Case Study

War Memorial Hospital choses PowerDMS as their single solution

War Memorial streamlined collaboration and ensured hospital staff had access to the most up-to-date policies.

“In a healthcare situation, not following the correct protocol could be the difference between life and death. With PowerDMS, the most relevant policies are up-to-date and available in all of our facilities. We did away with the three-ring binders and the old paper copies. It makes things so much easier.”

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Cibola General Hospital

The single biggest benefit is that all of our policies are in a centralized location. No more paper binders, and no more having to track down every old copy when a revision needs to be made. PowerDMS has streamlined our entire policy and procedure process.

Cody Hayes - Cibola General Hospital

Spectrum Healthcare Group

Ease of use, control, ability to ensure compliance all in one system...This was a huge culture change for our old fashioned staff but everyone is 100% on board now!

Cat Jalet - Spectrum Healthcare Group

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Learn how healthcare organizations nationwide use PowerDMS to:

  • Manage policies 4x faster than paper processes
  • Easily create, organize, distribute, and track documents
  • Collaborate on policy updates via automated workflows
  • Map policies and proofs of compliance to accreditation standards