Policy training to recall information when it matters most 

Are you confident your employees know your policies?

PowerRecall is designed to reinforce employees' knowledge and recall of policy content, using AI-generated digital flashcards, created from your own job-critical documents in PowerPolicy. 

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Benefits of digital flashcards

  • Close knowledge gaps with science-backed learning methods
  • Reduce liability with proof that your team understands policies
  • Enhance team safety by reinforcing policies for high-risk interactions
  • Increase policy engagement by providing an easy way to learn
  • Target learning strategies by assigning topics that need more focus



PowerRecall screenshot of policy training review question on pursuit and emergency driving

Close knowledge gaps

Use science-backed learning methods to ensure employees can easily recall policies, regardless of their tenure. 

Reduce liability and risk

Reduce your liability in lawsuits and wrongful termination claims by providing proof that your team truly understands your policies. 

PowerRecall dashboard to provide proof that employees understands policies

Enhance team safety

Focus on helping your employees better understand high-risk policies to ensure the safety of the public and themselves.

Using PowerRecall to generate cards to enhance policy training

Key features of policy training flashcards

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Built on PowerPolicy, the software creates flashcards from your existing policies and critical documents.

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AI-powered card generation saves you time – only creating cards from your own content.

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Flashcards are grouped into decks to train employees on a policy, or on a topic covering multiple policies.

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Training cards can be completed from any device using the same mobile app as PowerPolicy.

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Detailed reports on user progress, compliance, and training outcomes, able to fit specific admin needs. 



User engagement, performance, and training effectiveness is tracked for content, users, and groups.

Secure use of AI

Trust and privacy are at the core of our mission. We use a secure enterprise AI solution that strictly enforces data isolation. That means your data is never shared or used to train AI models in any way.

PowerRecall uses AI to create high-quality digital flashcards from your own content – saving you time while keeping your information safe.

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