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How is PowerDMS different from the competition?

Many policy management solutions share similar features like the ability to store, organize, distribute, and track policies. But PowerDMS takes your policy management to another level, making itself distinct in a saturated market.


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Whether a city, town, or village, we can help you and your municipality manage policies faster and more affordably.

  • Update policies 4x faster
  • Save thousands in overtime training costs
  • Reduce accreditation prep by 50% or more
  • Save thousands in printing/paper costs

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Can we expand our PowerDMS account to include other departments?

Yes. You can expand your use of PowerDMS to other departments, all while maintaining a separate and secure system for your department’s documents. Many of our law enforcement customers expand their account to include other city and county departments.

We serve hundreds of municipalities, and they frequently set up PowerDMS for all city employees. That way each department, whether law enforcement, fire, or parks and recreation, can manage their own employees and documents while benefiting from a centralized policy management system.

Learn how the City of Henderson used PowerDMS to bridge the gap between police, fire, and city hall.

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Does PowerDMS let us collaborate with stakeholders across departments?

Yes. With our powerful workflow tools, you can manage a document lifecycle from initiation to approval. PowerDMS lets you assign and collaborate with multiple policy owners from different departments. Every step in your workflow can be assigned to users, roles, or groups with the ability to templatize workflows so the same steps are completed every time it’s run.

PowerDMS also automates the policy approval process. So if multiple people need to review a document, it automatically notifies assigned stakeholders when it’s their turn, saving you the trouble of manually coordinating hand-offs, multiple files, and revisions.

Additionally, users/groups across departments can be included in approval workflows on an ad hoc basis, including the ability to give one-time edit rights to a document. Workflow steps can be set to different levels of response so you always get the right feedback from the right people.

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When a city implements PowerDMS, does each department maintain independence?

Yes. PowerDMS can be used by multiple departments and each can maintain its independence. Our platform lets you create separate group structures, each with their own folders and security permissions. This gives municipalities the best of both worlds: a shared platform and department-specific access security. In other words, an HR department can manage, distribute, and track important documents across all departments. And each department can maintain its own system for managing workflows, documents, users, etc., while still accessing municipal-wide content as their security permissions allow.

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Can PowerDMS integrate with our HR system?

We are working towards an open API that will let you integrate PowerDMS with your HR system(s). It is currently in beta, but upon release, your organization would be responsible for the connection.

Even before the open API is released, certain functionality like user and group management is still possible in PowerDMS. One of our advanced features, PowerDMS Sync, lets you upload or modify users in bulk by syncing to your Active Directory. This does require a tool, provided by us, which can be installed and run on a single server within your network.

Using this tool, you can also sync users to groups you’ve created in PowerDMS. If only certain portions of your organization will be using PowerDMS, it may be beneficial to create a group specifically for PowerDMS users in your Active Directory.

During your onboarding process, one of our onboarding specialists will work with you and your IT admin to import users into PowerDMS.

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Does PowerDMS let me distribute and assign policies to staff for acknowledgment?

Yes. The municipality as a whole, as well as each department, can manage and track signed documentation. That way, both municipalities and their departments have a separate audit trail for their pertinent documents. How does it work?

PowerDMS lets you assign employees to any number of groups, making it easy to distribute new and updated policies to a remote or in-office workforce. What’s more, using our built-in, electronic signature tracking, you can assign and track acknowledgment on these critical documents. This ensures your staff has read and understood the document, and it protects your department against future labor disputes. Attestation occurs when the user enters their username and password and clicks “sign,” or it can be completed with a thumbprint on the mobile app.

Learn how PowerDMS workflows helped the City of Henderson mitigate liability by tracking employee read receipts and E-signatures on important documents.

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How does PowerDMS help with accountability and transparency?

For municipalities and all their departments, accountability and transparency is more important now than ever before. PowerDMS can help with both.

Accountability protects your organization and your employees. With PowerDMS, you can give employees access to mission critical info from any device, assign acknowledgement to custom groups of employees, track who has received and signed documents, auto-remind employees of documents pending signature, and create and track custom tests and attach them to policies.

Transparency is a vital tool for building trust in your community. With PowerDMS Public-Facing Documents, you can publish your documents publicly with the click of a button, make your content accessible and shareable with the community, and ensure your public-facing documents are automatically updated when changes are made in PowerDMS.

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Is PowerDMS user friendly for administrators and end users?

Yes. PowerDMS was designed with HR, IT, and City Manager in mind. Our platform is an out-of-the-box solution that requires no development and minimal IT involvement. With frequent software updates and industry-leading customer service, you can trust we’re always in your corner, improving our product to solve your policy challenges.

PowerDMS has a U.S. based customer success team and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. After onboarding, you’ll get a personal CSA (customer success advisor), who will become your long term PowerDMS liaison. They will help you with continued growth, platform use, and any escalations needed.

Our platform makes it easy for users to sign off on policies and access mission-critical documents from any device. Thanks to automated processes, helpful dashboards, and interconnected tools (policy, training, accreditation, content hub, pub docs), PowerDMS is also easy for administrators to manage.

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Can I track archived documents, training records, and employee info?

Yes. PowerDMS automatically archives old versions of documents so you only have one version of each policy in circulation. With our archiving system and audit trail features, PowerDMS protects you from the unknown. If you’re faced with a labor dispute, for example, you can easily access active and archived documents, training records, and employee information. With records of current and past employees, including completed training and signed docs, you can protect your organization and your workforce from liability in case the worst happens.

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Case Study

How the City of Henderson bridged the gap between departments

After the police and fire departments started using PowerDMS, the city government decided to use the software as well to simplify city-wide communication, establish a single source of truth, and modernize their policy process.

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City of Henderson, NV

“Having the history of policy changes and providing a much more efficient way to track communication and acknowledgment makes PowerDMS well worth the investment.”

Mimi Merhi - HR Programs Coordinator

Louisville Metro Government

“Every department we’ve trained on PowerDMS has gotten excited about it. They come in not really knowing what it can do, but within the hour they’re falling over themselves, overjoyed with everything PowerDMS can help them with.”

David Holland -

“Prior to PowerDMS, we had filing cabinets full of accreditation compliance files. We also had piles of sign-off sheets for employee's signatures after the release or revision to a policy. Those are now all electronically stored and easily accessible in PowerDMS.”

Tammy - TrustRadius

Springfield Police Department

“Any time that you can increase public safety transparency, in my opinion, you’re better protecting the citizens of your community. In law enforcement, transparency and accountability is everything. And if you don’t have that with your community, then you have nothing.”

Brandy Osborne - Accreditation Manager

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