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Best practices for risk mitigation in healthcare

PowerDMS provides valuable insights into risk mitigation strategies in healthcare. Learn how to...

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student health services

Importance of policies and procedures for student health services

Student health services can be a complex entity with a lot of moving parts, but proper policy...

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How to develop and manage your hospital’s quality manual

You can achieve DNV hospital accreditation by creating a quality manual that follows the DNV NIAHO...

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Importance of policies and procedures for hospitals

PowerDMS empowers healthcare organizations to prioritize patient care and safety. Learn more about...

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How to create HIPAA policies and procedures

What your facility needs to know about creating Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act...

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doctor holding healthcare policies

10 important healthcare policies for your facility

Ensure compliance and best practices in your healthcare facility with our comprehensive guide on...

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Information Security Policy in Healthcare: Benefits and Resources

In a time of increasing cyberattacks, you can protect yourself by developing strong healthcare...

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Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Policy and Procedure Management

Effectively managing policies and procedures in healthcare have a far-reaching positive effect.

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Digitizing your healthcare document management system

From maintaining accreditation standards to guiding safe patient care, document control in...

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Two healthcare workers review a document on a tablet.

How to improve internal communication in healthcare

Effective internal communication in healthcare is essential to smooth operations and quality care....

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How to Transition to the Popular 4 Day, 10-hour Shift Schedule

Learn how to transition your public safety agency to a 4-day, 10-hour shift schedule to improve...

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How to Build Trust With Police-Community Interaction Surveys

Ready to increase response rates and gather citizen feedback from key interactions? Discover the...

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How Can Law Enforcement Improve Community Relations?

Improving police and community relations today comes with challenges. Discover five best practices...

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FTO Software for Police: Replacing Headaches With Results

By making small training improvements over time, you can experience big results. Learn how FTO...

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6 Benefits of Police Training Software

Agencies face training challenges that impact officers at every level. Learn how police training...

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From Rookie to Ready: 7 Field Training Officer Program Best Practices

The quality of your field training program determines the quality of your officers. Learn 7...

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6 Best Practices for Creating Police-Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

Agencies need a reliable method for measuring citizen satisfaction. Learn how to measure citizen...

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Confronting the Mental Health Stigma Among First Responders

Explore strategies to break the responder mental health stigma in police and EMS, promoting...

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What Corporate Compliance Is and Why Compliance Is Important

What is meant by corporate compliance? Why is it important to follow compliance rules? We answer...

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What are the Pros and Cons of Shift Bidding?

Explore the benefits and challenges of shift bidding in public safety operations so you can make an...

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two police officers working night shift crowded street

What is Shift Bidding and How Does it Work?

Long-term shift bids in public safety agencies take many forms. Learn about how shift bidding can...

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police officer with smartphone doing paperwork

How Does Public Safety Scheduling Software Handle Shift Bids?

If you’re in public safety and managing schedules, you know how valuable time is. Make the most of...

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police lights with first responders in the background

Top 5 Benefits of Policy Management Software in Public Safety

Find out how public safety departments can build public trust, streamline accreditation, and...

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How to Provide Effective Emotional Support for Law Enforcement

Elevate your understanding of emotional support for law enforcement. Learn essential techniques to...

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Chronic Police Officer Stress: Managing Fight, Flight, and Freeze

Learn proactive and in-the-moment stress management strategies that will improve your quality of...

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How to Choose the Right Mobile App to Support First Responder Wellness

Learn the essential features to look for when considering mobile solutions to support responder...

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How to Effectively Adopt New Public Safety Technology

Learn how to successfully adopt public safety technology: build a business case, obtain leadership...

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Public Safety Technology is Becoming a Modern Necessity

Explore the evolution of public safety technology as a modern necessity. Learn how innovative...

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The Importance of Police Challenge Coins in the Digital Age

Discover the significance of police challenge coins in law enforcement. Explore the tradition,...

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10 Benefits of Mobile Workforce Management Software for Public Safety

PowerDMS shows the benefits of mobile workforce management software for public safety. Embrace...

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Law Enforcement Software That Lets You Get Back to Being a Cop

Transform law enforcement operations with PowerDMS, the database software for cops. Stay organized,...

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How First Responder Software Reduces Risk Across Your Agency

Learn how first responder software can help protect your agency from increased scrutiny and...

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How Public Safety Solution Companies are Working to Solve Top Industry Challenges

Learn how technology supports first responders and helps improve public safety.

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How to Work Night Shifts and Stay Healthy

PowerDMS offers insights on how to work the night shift and stay healthy. Get tips to maintain your...

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5 Tips to Achieve the Healthiest Police Shift Schedule

PowerDMS presents five valuable tips for creating the healthiest police shift work schedule....

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5 Strategies for Improving Morale in Your Agency

Good police morale improves retention, officer performance, and your department's relationship with...

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Arrow showing the way around a pit

5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Police Community Outreach Programs

Police community outreach programs can improve relationships between public safety agencies and...

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Top Questions to Include in Your Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

Public safety organizations can conduct community feedback surveys to find areas of improvement,...

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female police officer laughing with children

Strategies for Your Police Community Outreach Programs

Learn about the benefits of police community outreach and get tips for successful engagement —...

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7 Reasons You Need Citizen Engagement Software

Learn how citizen engagement tools can help your public safety agency streamline citizen...

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How to Measure Community Engagement with Automated Technology

Learn practical ways to measure the effectiveness of your public safety agency’s community...

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5 Common Police Field Training Habits that Put Your Agency at Risk

Do you recognize any of the following habits in your field training officer program?

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5 Tips to Set Your Field Training Officers Up For Success

Provide your field training officers with the support they need to effectively mentor the officers...

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5 Methods of Collecting Citizen Feedback: Which is Best for Your Agency?

Learn about the 5 most effective ways to collect citizen feedback and how to choose the best...

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35 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Police Field Training Software

Find out how FTO software can change the field training game for your agency – and ask these 35...

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5 Must-Have Features of FTO Online Solutions

Find out what make-or-break features to look for when purchasing field training online software for...

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Field Training Software: PowerReady vs. Frontline

Take a deep dive into two notable solutions for law enforcement field training software. Which one...

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Community Engagement Platforms: PowerEngage vs. SPIDR Tech

Take a deep dive into two well-known public safety platforms for community engagement. Which one is...

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How Community Engagement Improves Police Officer Morale & Retention

Learn how to improve officer morale and police motivation – and ultimately support higher retention...

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What is Community Engagement in a Digital World & How Can You Improve It?

Learn how digital tools enhance public trust in law enforcement and discover community engagement...

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Breaking Down Barriers to Support Law Enforcement Wellness

To implement effective law enforcement wellness programs, it’s critical to reduce the barriers that...

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PowerDMS 2022 Year in Review

Catch up on a summary of how the products changed in 2022 and learn about two new PowerDMS products.

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5 Ways to Support Officer Wellness in Your Law Enforcement Agency

Improving wellbeing and mental health in law enforcement is more important than ever. Here’s what...

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pensive police officer with hand on head

4 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Burnout in Law Enforcement

Learn how to recognize burnout and discover 4 tips to help prevent and reduce it in your law...

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6 of the Best 8-Hour Shift Schedules to Cover 24x7

Do you use 12, 10, or 8-hour shifts? There are pros and cons to each. This article will provide...

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Glass sand timer

7 Different 12-hour Shift Schedule Examples to Cover Round the Clock

12-hour shifts are pretty common in 24-hour agencies. Approximately 41% of law enforcement...

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Buyer’s guide to the top 6 policy management tools

Reviews of 6 policy, process, and procedure tools, the difference between them, and how to choose...

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document management network

How enterprise document management systems supercharge your organization

Learn how your organization can save time and money by implementing an enterprise document...

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Essential guide to document management systems and software

Learn about document management systems and software, best practices, and how they can benefit your...

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9/80 Work Schedule - What is it? How Does it Work?

The 9/80 work schedule we discuss here consists of 5 days on, 3 days off, 4 days on, and 2 days...

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Negatives of 12-Hour Shift Schedules and How to Best Manage Them

Many people argue that 12-hour shift schedules in a 24-hour agency are the most effective and...

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Calculator, money, and a piggy bank

Funding Options for Police Departments - Grants & Fundraising

Not enough money in the budget for the software you want? Take a look to see if any of these...

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Pros and Cons of 10-Hour Shifts for Police Departments

Looking for the perfect shift time for your officers? Its important to consider factors like...

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Officer looking at cell phone

How to Access Your Schedule On-The-Go: Officer Scheduling Mobile App

Why not request time off, submit your overtime hours, or sign up for open shifts from your mobile...

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Personnel Shift Schedule Examples for Law Enforcement Agencies

Exploring new shift times and/or rotations for your patrol officers? Find some resources here that...

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Two people looking at a laptop on a desk

How to Easily Test and Implement New Patrol Schedules

As the needs of your department change, you might consider what a new shift rotation would look...

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Best Law Enforcement Scheduling Software Companies: 5 to Review

Review different vendors available for police scheduling software to find the best one for your...

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Two officers walking and holding coffee

What Shift Length Will Increase Your Officers Quality of Work Life?

Let's take a look at the pros and cons of each shift length to help determine the best fit for work...

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10 Hour Shift Schedule Example to Evaluate Before Your Next Shift Bid

Looking for a better way to schedule your 50-75 person police department? Maybe this is the article...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Negotiate the Switch to 12 Hour Shifts

While 12-hour shifts can be exhausting, they have some promising advantages such as offering...

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5 Free Officer Scheduling Options for Your Department

As the saying goes, no free lunch. Turns out, there are not many options when it comes to...

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8, 10, and 12 Hour Shift Schedules for a 25-Person Department

Police departments across the US vary in size. Therefore, we have compiled a few schedule examples...

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3 Most Common Patrol Schedules for a 100+ Person Police Department

After analyzing almost 200 law enforcement personnel schedules we found 3 that were most commonly...

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Hand typing on a calculator

How Much Does Police Scheduling Software Cost?

Learn more about how much police scheduling software will cost your agency and what you can expect...

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3 Helpful Tools for the Shift Bid Process

Come June or December, you may face the daunting, and often dreaded task: shift bids.

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What is a Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock and How Much Does it Cost?

There are many options when it comes to timekeeping. If you need employees to clock in and out, one...

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Push pins on calendar

Most Common Patrol Rotations for 75 Officers - 3 Schedule Examples

We collected data from over 100 departments patrol schedules and categorized the differences by...

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5 Administration Problems You're Having - And How to Solve Them

Talking with hundreds of administrators from law enforcement agencies, we've learned what some of...

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Excel clip art

5 Simple Excel Formulas You Need to Know For Shift Scheduling

Whatever it may be that you need to edit in a spreadsheet, there are a few simple useful Excel...

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Idaho Schedule: 12 Hour Shifts for 24x7 Coverage

The second most popular 12 hour shift schedule used is, what is known as the Idaho Schedule.

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3 Popular Police Schedule Examples for Small Departments

If you have about 35-50 officers in your patrol division, and are struggling with schedules, these...

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Patrol Schedule Example For a 50 Person Police Department: 4 on 4 off

Many times departments that staff around 50-75 people need different schedules than those staffing,...

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10 National Night Out Activities Everyone Will Participate In

Check out these 10 activities for NNO to get more people involved and make it a great evening!

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3 on 3 off Schedule Example to Consider For Patrol in Your Department

A classic 24/7 shift rotation of [3 on 3 off] has worked for many Law Enforcement Agencies using 12...

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What You Need to Know About The Pitman Schedule

There is one rotating weekend schedule in public safety that has become extremely common. It is...

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Law Enforcement Schedules: Top 8, 10, and 12-Hour Shift Examples

When evaluating the different patrol schedules that law enforcement agencies (who use PowerTime)...

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Top 3 12-Hour Shift Schedule Examples for Your Department

With almost half of all PowerTime users scheduling with 12 hour shifts, we have a lot of example...

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Common Shift Times for Day, Mid, and Night: 8, 10, 12 Hour

Explore the most popular shift lengths and rotations for first responders, and find the best...

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Laptop with calendar

Top 3 Schedule Examples for 24x7 Coverage with 8 Hour Shifts

Exploring new ways to schedule patrol? We specialize in public safety scheduling software so we...

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Laptop with coffee cup

How Do Scheduling Templates Work? What are they?

With PowerTime, we will build out all of your templates during setup and you will adjust and...

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interconnected gears of regulations, rules, and policies

Achieving compliance with laws, rules, and regulations

Trying to achieve compliance with laws, rules, and regulations in healthcare, law enforcement, and...

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checklist on a desktop

The importance of checklists in healthcare and law enforcement

Checklists play an important part in healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, and business by...

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What is compliance monitoring, and do you need a plan?

A compliance plan helps your company follow the laws, regulations, and rules that govern your...

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connected icons representing teamwork

Achieving accreditation with a compliance team

With the right compliance team, accreditation is streamlined, simplified, and becomes part of your...

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Arrows pointing in different directions

How regulatory compliance differs between industries

Though healthcare compliance and corporate compliance are different, they have some of the same...

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metallic figures racing

Complete guide to employee training solutions

Whether it's through a training management system or learning management system, offering training...

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female manager holding binder

4 Habits of a successful compliance manager

Discover the four traits that allow compliance managers to protect the organizations they serve,...

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stethoscope on tablet and laptop

The 5 Best Policy Management Solutions in Healthcare

Review the top six healthcare solutions, explore their pros and cons, and discover which software...

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Law enforcement grant funding

Financial support is available for policing, but you need to be prepared before you apply.

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ripples in a peaceful lake

Police de-escalation training and techniques

Access expert guidance on police de-escalation training and techniques. We empower law enforcement...

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police training

4 Ways to extend law enforcement training dollars

Learn how to get funding for training and use your training budget as optimally as possible.

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Incident command policy: Defining system roles and responsibilities

The incident command structure (ICS) is the foundation of firefighting and emergency operations,...

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police officer holding walkie talkie

How to develop effective communication in law enforcement

Effective communication in law enforcement agencies is clear, concise, easy to understand, and...

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50+ essential policies for different industries

Having a policy manual in place for your organization can reduce liability risk and help achieve...

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EMS worker behind ambulance

The Importance of an EMS uniform policy

An EMS uniform policy not only presents a professional image to the public, it can protect your EMS...

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EMS patient

Developing an EMS infection control policy

An EMS infection control policy will help keep your providers safe by spelling out the requirements...

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beer and marijuana leaf

Fire department drug and alcohol policy

A fire department drug and alcohol policy will protect the department, its members, and the public.

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fire truck ride-along

Fire department ride-along policy

A fire department ride-along policy allows for community involvement while giving students and...

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firemen looking at policies on smartphone

7 Essential policies for fire departments and EMS

Explore the most critical fire service policies and EMS policies that every first responder agency...

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lady justice statue wearing mask and gloves

Infectious disease policy in healthcare

In settings where disease could be present, a plan of action will help prepare you to prevent and...

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no smoking sign tobacco policy

How to implement a workplace tobacco policy

With increased e-cigarette usage, a tobacco policy remains important regardless of your industry.

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hands holding smartphone

Mobile device management (MDM) policy best practices

Smartphones and other devices can be a boon to productivity, but they are also a security risk. A...

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mask hanging from monitor

How to develop workplace safety policies and procedures

Avoiding workplace injuries and illness starts with teaching your employees safe practices.

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police officer wearing mask

Communicable disease policy in law enforcement

A communicable disease policy can protect your officers and keep them safe from a variety of...

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two police officers entering building with rifles

Law enforcement active shooter response policy

An active shooter policy helps you protect your community, save lives, and explain exactly who's...

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police car driving at night

How to write a law enforcement pursuit policy

Police departments across the country are being urged to review and revise their law enforcement...

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silhouettes of different colored faces

Racial profiling policies in law enforcement

Racial profiling policies in law enforcement help reduce tension and build trust between a police...

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police take home vehicle

How to write your police take home vehicle policy

A law enforcement take home car policy can help a department save money, extend the life of their...

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question mark sticky notes

FAQs when buying policy management software

The five most common questions we get asked about buying policy management software, and the...

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doctor working from BYOD device

BYOD policy for healthcare employees

To meet the stringent privacy requirements of HIPAA, hospitals need strong guidelines for those...

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Two healthcare employees taking a selfie

Social media policy for healthcare employees

Communicating through social media offers opportunities and pitfalls to healthcare providers.

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Doctor holding the word HIPAA in his hand

How to write your patient data privacy policy

Protect your patients and your organization by developing effective information security policies.

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Healthcare health and safety policy (with free template)

In a high-trust organization that frequently deals with life and death situations, workplace...

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How to write patient care policies in healthcare

Policies and procedures are essential to keep patient treatment consistent and to be ready for any...

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Case Study: Mana Supply Holdings is Keeping Cannabis Compliant

How managed compliance services and PowerDMS work together to help them avoid regulatory fines and...

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paper plane and paper clouds

Why you need a cloud-based policy management tool

Cloud-based servers can provide better security than in-house data centers for a fraction of the...

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a pen checking off check boxes

Policy writing: Everything you need to know

The hows and whys of policy writing, including industry-specific policies for healthcare, law...

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employees on laptops connecting to the cloud

Why you need a central repository for your policies

With a centralized document storage system, your employees can easily access the correct version of...

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fireman carrying fire extinguishers

5 benefits of policy management software for fire

Bring your fire department’s policy and procedure manual to life with the right software tool.

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What types of content can you manage with policy software?

Good policy software supports a myriad of file formats and content integrations.

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Best policy management software for government

Compare the pros and cons of different policy management software solutions as you search for the...

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Benefits of policy management software in government

Policy management software is a key tool in improving efficiency, maintaining consistent...

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5 benefits of training management software

Training management software can spell the difference between successful accreditation or the loss...

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Top things to know about training management software

Training management software improves efficiency and compliance for your organization.

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Policy management software for law enforcement agencies

An efficient solution that can protect your agency from liability.

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arrow hitting the center of a target

Best practices for police policy and procedure manuals

Key tips to help you modernize your department’s policy manual.

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Importance of law enforcement policies and procedures

At a time when agencies face more scrutiny than ever, strong policy protects your officers and your...

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Guide to policy management in law enforcement

The most important things you need to know about policy management, and how it can strengthen your...

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protecting important data and digital documents

How to provide and control access to important policies

Document access and control are key elements of your policy management plan.

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woman taking notes during online training

Five of the best employee training software solutions

Learn about five of the top employee training management software on the market and how to choose...

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Comparing apples and oranges

Training management vs. learning management systems: Which is right for you?

Explore the differences between TMS vs. LMS and find out which one meets your organizational needs.

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How policy compliance software ensures compliance

Compliance differs between industries, but regardless of your organization’s unique needs and...

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Making sense of confusion

Why your policy software needs version control

Learn how version control can improve consistency and efficiency while protecting your organization...

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Book and laptop - Digital learning

How to develop and administer an online training course

Online training courses are a cost effective way to train large numbers of employees.

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What is document management software?

Manage thousands of documents without a single filing cabinet.

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Filing cabinet drawers on laptop screen

Benefits of electronic document management systems

Discover five ways an electronic document management system can benefit your organization, as well...

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Coworkers holding gears

Why you need a policy management platform

Discover why you need a policy management platform, not just a piece of software.

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New Technology in Law Enforcement

Historically, law enforcement has always been on the forefront of using technology to improve...

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How to write, store, and manage policies with policy writing software

There are three ways you can create policy content: Do it yourself, subscribe to a service, or hire...

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An honest review of Google Workspace

See if Google Workspace is right for your organization with this free review of a leading document...

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a business woman's star rating

LMS software comparison - SAP Litmos vs. Docebo

An LMS software comparison between two LMS giants (plus a sleeper).

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Digital arrow pointing up

Benefits of compliance training management software

Compliance training software can protect organizations from fines, lawsuits, and liability risks

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Winner's trophy

The 10 best document management software

Get a side-by-side review of ten of the best document management software on the market today.

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Arrows symbolizing lifecycle

Importance of document lifecycle management

Think of document lifecycles as a "cradle to grave" cycle of your organization's policies,...

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Why you need document storage software

If you've got a larger organization with a complex policy manual, as well as general document...

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Why you need a mobile policy management app

A mobile policy management app lets people access information remotely

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Benefits puzzle pieces

Benefits of an automated workflow tool

How optimizing your document workflows can make everyone more productive.

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Steps to hitting business goals

Best practices for buying policy management software

Policy management software can make a drastic, positive impact on your organization. Learn how to...

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software features

Top features of policy management software

Explore the policy management software features you and your organization need.

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The importance of policy tracking software

Policy tracking helps your organization, your employees, and those you serve

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How to create an effective compliance training program

Compliance training prevents lawsuits and increases employee retention.

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5 of the best accreditation management software in healthcare

What you need to know before buying one of these accreditation solutions – pros, cons, and...

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software comparison

NAVEX PolicyTech vs. PowerDMS: Which is right for you?

How NAVEX Global’s PolicyTech compares to PowerDMS and how to find the best policy management...

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Your guide to buying a digital training management system

A training management system saves you time and money

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Everything you need to know about policy management

Effective policy management makes for effective companies

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How to acquire funding from the American Rescue Plan Act

An overview of how to unlock funds for use within your agency.

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Writing policies and procedures: best practices for law enforcement

Get five tips on writing effective policies and procedures for your law enforcement organization.

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Compliance Management Software: Why Google Drive Isn't Enough

It’s time for an effective, secure, and dynamic storage tool that supports your compliance...

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How much does policy management software cost?

The cost of policy management software can depend on many variables.

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Importance of a Corporate Compliance Officer

Having an effective Corporate Compliance Officer is the key to a well-run compliance program, but...

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Increase Trust and Transparency With Public-Facing Documents

PowerDMS helps the public sector share crucial information with their communities, simplifying the...

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business meeting

Why you need a conflict of interest policy

How a well-written conflict of interest policy can help protect you and your organization in the...

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Keyboard with compliance button

What is compliance: Everything you need to know

An organization without a workplace compliance program may have chaotic, wasteful, or unethical...

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What is policy management software, and how does it help?

Policy Management Software is a tool for hosting, distributing, and tracking crucial policy and...

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firefighter and EMT on scene

Policy and procedure management for fire

Policies are the fundamental building blocks of excellence in any organization. Here's how to...

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Fire Department Accreditation

Becoming accredited is neither easy nor cheap. If you are considering fire department...

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Regulatory Compliance Best Practices

To maintain fair, ethical business operations, companies of every size must follow laws and...

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Police on duty

Police Policies and Procedures Manual Best Practices

It’s standard practice for any police department to have a policy manual.

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Office meeting

Best practices for writing corporate policies and procedures

Whether you’re launching a new organization or adapting long-standing policies, here are some best...

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Office meeting

What is compliance training, and why is it important?

Your compliance training program can save you from lawsuits and even unknown risks.

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Police speaking

Constitutional Policing vs. Community Policing

Constitutional policing and how that matches up with policing in the community is debatable. We...

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Police graduation

Recruiting and Training the Millennial Firefighter

Fire departments have an advantage when it comes to recruiting millennials since the work is...

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Police officer greets members of the community at an outdoor event.

Adopting the Guardian Mindset

Instead of turning to use of force, police officers will be safer and more effective if they adopt...

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firewoman removing her helmet

Rethinking SOPs/SOGs in the fire service

The fire service is almost entirely results-based, but should fire departments treat policies and...

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man making notes on a graph in front of laptop

Writing effective policies and procedures in law enforcement

What you need to know to develop a legally defensible policy and procedure manual and set your...

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three puzzle pieces

3 Types of policy management systems, and their problems

The wrong policy management system could be costing you money, and a lot of it. Explore the pros...

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Creating a Culture of Accountability

Every company must have accountability measures in place in order to operate. Here's why creating a...

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Consequences of poor policy management in law enforcement

The challenges of law enforcement today, and what can happen if your agency fails to modernize its...

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Financial Services Compliance

Today's financial services compliance professionals face a variety of requirements to protect...

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10 Essentials for Your COVID-19 Return to Work Plan

Though many return to work plans will look different, here are 10 key issues your business needs to...

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Practical Ways to Avoid Qui Tam Lawsuits in Healthcare

What you need to know about False Claims Act violations in healthcare, and what you can do to...

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Safe Policing for Safe Communities With PowerDMS

On June 16, 2020, the President of the United States signed into law an Executive Order on Safe...

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Covid world map

Responding to COVID with policy management software

Despite the uncertainty, now is the time to take control of our policies and mitigate risk....

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Two government workers discuss an issue at a table.

Importance of Accountability in Local Government

Government accountability is about maintaining trust between government and citizens. Here’s how to...

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firemen putting out house fire

Role of policies in firefighter safety

Policies, SOPs, and SOGs lay the groundwork for safety in the fire service. Here's how to improve...

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SharePoint Online vs. PowerDMS: Which is right for you?

Discover the difference between SharePoint solutions, how they compare to PowerDMS, and which one...

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Elements of effective policy management

An essential part of any organization is effective policy management, which creates the necessary...

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Benefits of managing accreditation with policy manual software

Learn how policy manual software, coupled with online policy and procedure manuals, can simplify...

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Writing Your Department’s Body-Worn Camera Policy

A step-by-step guide to crafting effective body-worn camera policy for your law enforcement agency.

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coworkers reviewing policies together

3 keys to an effective sexual harassment policy

Creating clear and thorough policies on sexual harassment is the main way to create a positive work...

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