3 Helpful Tools for the Shift Bid Process

Come June or December, you may face the daunting, and often dreaded task: shift bids.

February 7, 2022

Come June or December, you may face the daunting, and often dreaded task: shift bids.

This necessary evil has plagued even the most organized of schedulers.

Some of you may be scarred by past years of complicated Excel spreadsheets that never format correctly, or even by paper and pen bid decisions that are just tedious and time-consuming.

Luckily, scheduling software has now created employee templates that can handle anything from the simple, same schedule every week (example 9 – 5) – up to the complex rotations that take months to complete.

For example, switching between day, night, mid shift for weeks at a time.

Not only can these employee template's organize even the most complicated schedule, but they can easily be changed.

3 tools for the shift bid process include the:

  1. Shift Change Tool
  2. Schedule Revisor
  3. Bulk Update Tool

1. The Shift Change Tool

Shift change tool in PowerTime

Possibly the worst thing about shift bids is that everyone’s shifts are going to, well…. change. Even smaller sized departments can take hours to correctly match each employee to their new rotation or shift.

PowerTime has a hero we call the Shift Change Tool. With one simple click, you can move an employee to an entirely different rotation with this shift bidding feature on our software.

No more hours of tedious work changing each employee's daily schedule. Now you can do it all with one click.

2. The Schedule Revisor

Schedule revisor tool in PowerTime

Need to change an entire year of schedules? Meet, the schedule revisor.

You can change a whole year of schedules for one or all employees with this simple but powerful tool.

Just enter the employees who need their schedule updated and enter a start and end date. You can create a whole new schedule in advance to the changes actually being made.

3. The Bulk Update Tool

Bulk updates in PowerTime scheduling software

Sometimes, small problems like changing the time someone begins his or her shift can take hours to edit manually.

Thanks to the bulk update tool, you don't have to physically take the time to change each and every day for each and every employee or unit. You can do it all at once.

Use the bulk update tool to change weeks worth of:

  • Shift start and end times
  • Unit assignments
  • Job designations

Confront shift bids and other major or even minor schedule changes with ease. Gone are the days of being the victim of massive paperwork and hours of double checking formatting.

Use these 3 tools to simplify and organize your scheduling process.

How do you get these tools?

PowerTime scheduling software includes these tools along with many others in their system. Tools like these make administrative processes much more efficient. 

Not sure if your department can afford scheduling software but know that you need a better solution for police shift bids and scheduling processes?

Click the button below to learn more about the PowerTime scheduling solution or give us a call today!

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