Compliance Made Simple.

PowerDMS streamlines policy, training, and accreditation lifecycles.

Policy and Procedure Management

PowerDMS condenses cabinets full of paper into a single, searchable online source that automatically disseminates, collects signatures on, and tracks your organization’s important policies and procedures.

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Having a single repository for critical content is essential. You need to disseminate content effectively and get acknowledgement your staff has seen it. PowerDMS will do that.

Russell Peterson , Brentwood Fire Department (TN)

  • Training Management

    Store, distribute, and even test employees on training material in almost any format - from videos to PowerPoint presentations. PowerDMS eliminates many of the overtime and people costs of in-person instruction.

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    By moving our redundant training online to PowerDMS we saved $87,000 annually on backfill costs. We can now focus on scenario-based training during classroom hours.

    Penny Phelps , Monroe County Sheriff’s Office (FL)

  • Accreditation Management

    Ensure your organization or agency maintains the highest standards of excellence without the pain of paper manuals and files. PowerDMS is packaged with many common industry standards and makes proving compliance easy, electronically.

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    After purging binders from past accreditation cycles, I wanted to simplify the process. With PowerDMS, our assessment prep went from 18 months to 6 months.

    Allis Gilbert , Colorado State University Health Network

  • Just Ask Our Customers

    “If they are looking to be the best of the best, then they need PowerDMS.”
    Quessie Parks,
    Accreditation Manager,
    City of Atlanta Department of Corrections