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How to Transition to the Popular 4 Day, 10-hour Shift Schedule

Learn how to transition your public safety agency to a 4-day, 10-hour shift schedule to improve...

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How to Build Trust With Police-Community Interaction Surveys

Ready to increase response rates and gather citizen feedback from key interactions? Discover the...

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How Can Law Enforcement Improve Community Relations?

Improving police and community relations today comes with challenges. Discover five best practices...

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FTO Software for Police: Replacing Headaches With Results

By making small training improvements over time, you can experience big results. Learn how FTO...

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6 Benefits of Police Training Software

Agencies face training challenges that impact officers at every level. Learn how police training...

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From Rookie to Ready: 7 Field Training Officer Program Best Practices

The quality of your field training program determines the quality of your officers. Learn 7...

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6 Best Practices for Creating Police-Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

Agencies need a reliable method for measuring citizen satisfaction. Learn how to measure citizen...

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How to Provide Effective Emotional Support for Law Enforcement

Elevate your understanding of emotional support for law enforcement. Learn essential techniques to...

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Chronic Police Officer Stress: Managing Fight, Flight, and Freeze

Learn proactive and in-the-moment stress management strategies that will improve your quality of...

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The Importance of Police Challenge Coins in the Digital Age

Discover the significance of police challenge coins in law enforcement. Explore the tradition,...

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Law Enforcement Software That Lets You Get Back to Being a Cop

Transform law enforcement operations with PowerDMS, the database software for cops. Stay organized,...

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5 Tips to Achieve the Healthiest Police Shift Schedule

PowerDMS presents five valuable tips for creating the healthiest police shift work schedule....

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5 Strategies for Improving Morale in Your Agency

Good police morale improves retention, officer performance, and your department's relationship with...

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5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Building Police Community Outreach Programs

Police community outreach programs can improve relationships between public safety agencies and...

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Top Questions to Include in Your Citizen Satisfaction Surveys

Public safety organizations can conduct community feedback surveys to find areas of improvement,...

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female police officer laughing with children

Strategies for Your Police Community Outreach Programs

Learn about the benefits of police community outreach and get tips for successful engagement —...

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two women talking and laughing in public

7 Reasons You Need Citizen Engagement Software

Learn how citizen engagement tools can help your public safety agency streamline citizen...

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How to Measure Community Engagement with Automated Technology

Learn practical ways to measure the effectiveness of your public safety agency’s community...

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5 Common Police Field Training Habits that Put Your Agency at Risk

Do you recognize any of the following habits in your field training officer program?

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5 Tips to Set Your Field Training Officers Up For Success

Provide your field training officers with the support they need to effectively mentor the officers...

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5 Methods of Collecting Citizen Feedback: Which is Best for Your Agency?

Learn about the 5 most effective ways to collect citizen feedback and how to choose the best...

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35 Questions to Ask When Purchasing Police Field Training Software

Find out how FTO software can change the field training game for your agency – and ask these 35...

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5 Must-Have Features of FTO Online Solutions

Find out what make-or-break features to look for when purchasing field training online software for...

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Field Training Software: PowerReady vs. Frontline

Take a deep dive into two notable solutions for law enforcement field training software. Which one...

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Community Engagement Platforms: PowerEngage vs. SPIDR Tech

Take a deep dive into two well-known public safety platforms for community engagement. Which one is...

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How Community Engagement Improves Police Officer Morale & Retention

Learn how to improve officer morale and police motivation – and ultimately support higher retention...

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What is Community Engagement in a Digital World & How Can You Improve It?

Learn how digital tools enhance public trust in law enforcement and discover community engagement...

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Breaking Down Barriers to Support Law Enforcement Wellness

To implement effective law enforcement wellness programs, it’s critical to reduce the barriers that...

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5 Ways to Support Officer Wellness in Your Law Enforcement Agency

Improving wellbeing and mental health in law enforcement is more important than ever. Here’s what...

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pensive police officer with hand on head

4 Tips to Prevent and Reduce Burnout in Law Enforcement

Learn how to recognize burnout and discover 4 tips to help prevent and reduce it in your law...

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checklist on a desktop

The importance of checklists in healthcare and law enforcement

Checklists play an important part in healthcare, law enforcement, manufacturing, and business by...

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piggy bank launching like space ship

Law enforcement grant funding

Financial support is available for policing, but you need to be prepared before you apply.

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ripples in a peaceful lake

Police de-escalation training and techniques

Access expert guidance on police de-escalation training and techniques. We empower law enforcement...

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police training

4 Ways to extend law enforcement training dollars

Learn how to get funding for training and use your training budget as optimally as possible.

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Incident command policy: Defining system roles and responsibilities

The incident command structure (ICS) is the foundation of firefighting and emergency operations,...

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police officer holding walkie talkie

How to develop effective communication in law enforcement

Effective communication in law enforcement agencies is clear, concise, easy to understand, and...

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police officer wearing mask

Communicable disease policy in law enforcement

A communicable disease policy can protect your officers and keep them safe from a variety of...

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two police officers entering building with rifles

Law enforcement active shooter response policy

An active shooter policy helps you protect your community, save lives, and explain exactly who's...

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police car driving at night

How to write a law enforcement pursuit policy

Police departments across the country are being urged to review and revise their law enforcement...

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silhouettes of different colored faces

Racial profiling policies in law enforcement

Racial profiling policies in law enforcement help reduce tension and build trust between a police...

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police take home vehicle

How to write your police take home vehicle policy

A law enforcement take home car policy can help a department save money, extend the life of their...

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Policy management software for law enforcement agencies

An efficient solution that can protect your agency from liability.

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arrow hitting the center of a target

Best practices for police policy and procedure manuals

Key tips to help you modernize your department’s policy manual.

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Importance of law enforcement policies and procedures

At a time when agencies face more scrutiny than ever, strong policy protects your officers and your...

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Guide to policy management in law enforcement

The most important things you need to know about policy management, and how it can strengthen your...

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New Technology in Law Enforcement

Historically, law enforcement has always been on the forefront of using technology to improve...

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How to acquire funding from the American Rescue Plan Act

An overview of how to unlock funds for use within your agency.

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Compliance Management Software: Why Google Drive Isn't Enough

It’s time for an effective, secure, and dynamic storage tool that supports your compliance...

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Increase Trust and Transparency With Public-Facing Documents

PowerDMS helps the public sector share crucial information with their communities, simplifying the...

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Police on duty

Police Policies and Procedures Manual Best Practices

It’s standard practice for any police department to have a policy manual.

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Police speaking

Constitutional Policing vs. Community Policing

Constitutional policing and how that matches up with policing in the community is debatable. We...

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Police officer greets members of the community at an outdoor event.

Adopting the Guardian Mindset

Instead of turning to use of force, police officers will be safer and more effective if they adopt...

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man making notes on a graph in front of laptop

Writing effective policies and procedures in law enforcement

What you need to know to develop a legally defensible policy and procedure manual and set your...

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Consequences of poor policy management in law enforcement

The challenges of law enforcement today, and what can happen if your agency fails to modernize its...

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Safe Policing for Safe Communities With PowerDMS

On June 16, 2020, the President of the United States signed into law an Executive Order on Safe...

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Writing Your Department’s Body-Worn Camera Policy

A step-by-step guide to crafting effective body-worn camera policy for your law enforcement agency.

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Six Layers of Liability Avoidance

Since the 1990s, law enforcement leaders have used a system of six layers of liability avoidance....

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Police man with a police service dog

Understanding the National Consensus Policy on Use of Force

Read this expert analysis of the National Consensus Policy on Use of Force. Here are some of the...

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Writing Effective Police Policies for Transgender People

Putting a police transgender policy in place to protect the rights of transgender suspects and...

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Two law enforcement officers review a paper accreditation file.

Benefits of Police Accreditation

Police accreditation has far-reaching benefits that touch every avenue of your department.

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Policemen on duty

Critical Police Content at Critical Moments

How Cleveland (TN) Police Department drives accountability while saving $19,000 on paper.

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officers guarding street

Sanctuary Cities and Law Enforcement

Sanctuary cities have been controversial since their inception. But the debate over sanctuary...

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Millennial law enforcement officers standing in a line.

Millennials in Law Enforcement: Recruiting, Training, Supervising

Leading millennials in law enforcement has its own challenges and opportunities. Starting from the...

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5 Tips for Law Enforcement Crisis Communication Success

By following the best practices in crisis communication for Law Enforcement, your team can ensure...

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Law Enforcement Training Best Practices

If you want your police officers to be successful in their jobs, training is an essential part of...

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Seven Benefits of Online Training in Law Enforcement

We've put together a list of 7 benefits of online training in law enforcement. Create customized...

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Police in training

Importance of Police Training Records Management

Effective police training records management can protect your agency, reduce training costs, and...

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Police officer on duty with body camera

Law enforcement body camera policy

Developing solid policy is a foundational part of creating an effective body camera program. Here...

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Breaking Down Silos in Public Safety

We sat down with Commander Ana Lalley and Battalion Chief Richard Carter from Elgin, IL, to learn...

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Beyond CALEA Accreditation

Accreditation, whether with CALEA or other accreditation bodies, is only the tip of the iceberg in...

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State of policy 2017 graphic

What Is the State of Policy in Law Enforcement?

PowerDMS is conducting an updated study on the state of policy in law enforcement in 2017, and we...

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IACP's National Consensus Policy on Use of Force, Now What?

How to implement and adapt the IACP's police use-of-force policy recommendations to improve your...

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Writing Your Police Department's Drone Policy

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, are becoming a key tool in helping law enforcement support and...

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police woman doing online training

Complete guide to online police training

How to implement an online training program in your police department.

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Police car

Winder Police uses cloud-based system for accountability

Winder police use PowerDMS policy management software for training and policy and procedure...

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Writing Your Department's Social Media Policy: A Step-by-Step Guide

Social media can certainly be a helpful tool for law enforcement, but writing an effective social...

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How to ensure compliance with department policies and procedures

In order for any organization to operate effectively, compliance with department policies and...

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wooden figures stacked in pyramid

The 3 levels of police accountability

Police officers are held to higher standards by their community, but it's the top brass who should...

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law enforcement officers laughing

Interagency Collaboration in Law Enforcement

Interagency collaboration in law enforcement helps pool resources, prepare for emergencies, and...

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police officers talking

Police De-escalation Training Policy Shift

There has been a shift in police de-escalation policies and procedures, moving towards an approach...

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Narcan policy for law enforcement

What is Narcan? And how can your agency craft effective policy to combat drug overdose? Here are...

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New Technology in Law Enforcement

Historically, law enforcement has always been on the forefront of using technology to improve...

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Law enforcement use-of-force policy

The importance of law enforcement use-of-force policy, key things to consider as you craft policy...

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What Is Constitutional Policing?

With distrust of police at an all-time high, constitutional policing is more important than ever....

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police officers on social media

Law enforcement social media policy

Enhance your knowledge of law enforcement governance today. PowerDMS shares the core principles and...

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Law enforcement drone policy

With the increased use of drones both by civilians and government agencies, it’s essential for your...

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Policing the mentally ill

Policing the mentally ill is one of the biggest challenges facing officers today. Here are some of...

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start policies today sticky notes

12 crucial law enforcement policies

Read our guide to the 12 key law enforcement policies that promote professionalism and safety....

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Police car

[Press] Maricopa PD Uses Technology to Keep Officers on the Street

Technology keeps cops on the streets serving the community.

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