Personnel Shift Schedule Examples for Law Enforcement Agencies

Exploring new shift times and/or rotations for your patrol officers? Find some resources here that will help you get a jump start!

February 7, 2022

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As the end of the year approaches, we find a lot of departments scrambling to create next year's schedule. Tools in scheduling software, like PowerTime, help to make that process easier. But what if you're completely changing the way you schedule? Changing shift lengths, rotations, the whole thing...

Well in this post we are linking you directly to our different shift schedule examples. All these resources are throughout our blog but in hopes to save you time and get you what you're looking for, they are compiled here. 

How do we know about 24/7 rotations?

Our company provides personnel scheduling and communication software to public safety agencies. We do not provide consulting services. But we are able to provide these examples because we set up our new client's schedules in the system when they purchase a subscription to use our software. So, we have seen and worked with hundreds of 24/7 schedules. We analyzed different methods and compiled the most common in law enforcement. Each department alters their schedule a little bit differently so we will explain just the core rotation as is, and let you decide how you need to adjust it from there. 

The police personnel shift scheduling software examples are split into 2 groups below. One is organized by shift length (8, 10, or 12-hour) and the other is by size of department (number of officers).

1) By Shift Length:

12-Hour Shift Schedules

10-Hour Shift Schedules

8-Hour Shift Schedules

2) By Approx. Department Size (Number of Officers):

Below are articles on each of the different size departments.

What shift times are commonly used in 24/7 departments?

We do come across the same times often. Instead of discussing it here, check out this article that goes into detail: Common Shift Times for Day, Mid, and Night - 8, 10, and 12 hour

Looking for a tool to manage schedules like these?

PowerTime was built specifically for law enforcement personnel scheduling. It includes tools to manage long term and day-to-day scheduling. Your officers can submit overtime hours worked and request time off from wherever they are. Enhance communication in your department by providing a real-time view of the schedule to all employees.

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