How Public Safety Solution Companies are Working to Solve Top Industry Challenges

Learn how technology supports first responders and helps improve public safety.

May 26, 2023

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The public safety industry faces complex challenges today. Increased scrutiny, low morale, staff shortages, and a need for adequate wellness support are just some of the issues agency leaders are contending with. 

Fortunately, along with modern challenges come modern solutions. Public safety software companies are working to help you better support your responders, protect your agency, and confidently meet the challenges of today.

Whether your agency is stretched thin and looking to support limited staff, or you’re looking for tools to improve recruitment and retention, or you’d like to set new training standards that will set you up for future success, public safety technology can help.

In this article, you'll learn how public safety technology companies can support your agency. You'll discover how these modern tools can unburden staff, protect you from increased liability, and help you build an engaged and productive workforce.

Why technology?

Technology supports public safety in a few key ways: 

  • Support without monopolizing staff time
  • Ability to automate time-consuming documentation
  • Tools that help first responders do their jobs more safely and effectively

Resources often don’t keep pace with the challenges agencies and responders face. Public safety technology companies can help you bridge the gap with tools that help you do more with less, eliminate frustration for your staff, and centralize resources that support their wellness and help them succeed. Below are the ways the right technology can improve emergency response and help you confidently meet top industry challenges.

Improving responder wellness

First responder wellness is a major priority for public safety leaders. Consistently confronting high-stress situations takes a toll, and resources to support responder wellness haven’t been readily available or easy to access. Because of this, many responders are facing increasing levels of burnout and choosing to leave their jobs. Public safety solution companies are changing that. 

Responders need access to wellness support on their terms, in their own time. Wellness apps like PowerLine from PowerDMS provide responders anonymous access to public safety-specific wellness resources they can access at any time. By providing access to peers facing similar challenges, and content libraries built to meet their wellness needs, agencies can use PowerLine to improve responder wellness.

Boosting responder morale 

Being a first responder is a calling. Confronting high-stress situations to help save lives requires mental fortitude many people don’t possess. But morale can suffer when responders feel undervalued and unappreciated. Public safety solution companies are bridging the gap between responders and the communities they serve with tools to communicate, inform, and share appreciation. 

PowerEngage is a complete citizen engagement software solution that helps public safety leaders boost responder morale and better serve the community. With features that share positive citizen feedback with responders, and measure citizen satisfaction, you can strengthen the bond with your community while showing responders they're appreciated.

Support through staff shortages 

The public safety industry is grappling with widespread staffing shortages. Leaning on existing staff to pick up the slack can lead to frustration, burnout, and a debilitating cycle of more responders deciding to leave their positions. Public safety software companies can provide tools that help you do more with less and maintain balance for existing staff. 

Public safety technology automates manual documentation tasks, streamlines policy management, and makes scheduling easier. It gives your staff time back, alleviates frustration, and helps you remain efficient even with limited staff. 

With a complete personnel scheduling tool like PowerTime, you can provide real-time views of schedule updates and changes, maintain compliance, and set minimum staffing and mandatory rest periods to ensure existing staff aren't overscheduled and burnt out.

Better recruitment

 Public safety agency leaders often say the best place to recruit is within the community you serve. But doing so requires effectively engaging candidates, demonstrating a commitment to their career longevity, and developing a positive relationship with your community. 

With tools like easily-shared QR codes that connect candidates with recruiters, public safety technology companies are helping modernize candidate engagement. 

Public safety solutions also demonstrate your commitment to candidates sustaining long and productive careers by offering comprehensive wellness programs. And with tools to better engage citizens, you can showcase the appreciation responders receive in the communities they serve.

Retention support

Many first responders quit because they end up overworked and burnt out. They lack resources to help manage the stresses of the job, and are working with tools and processes that are frustrating and inefficient. 

Public safety software companies help by unburdening staff. With 24/7 access to anonymous wellness support, first responders don't have to wait until they're in crisis before seeking help. With features that automate frustrating manual processes, first responders can get back to doing more of what inspired them to pursue a public service career in the first place.

Public safety solutions like PowerFTO can also help you create customized training plans to develop engaging job-specific training as responders grow in their careers. Providing first responders with a roadmap, and introducing leadership training early, can be powerful contributors to retaining quality staff.

Maximizing accountability while minimizing liability 

The public safety industry is under more scrutiny than ever before. Inefficient policy management, unstandardized training, and a lack of accountability leave you at risk and open to liability.  

Public safety software companies can help protect your agency. Implement standardized training with PowerFTO and reduce risk with documentation at the click of a button. Access, update, and distribute policies while tracking staff signatures with PowerPolicy to keep your responders accountable and organized.

Public safety solution companies are also making the accreditation process easier. Build a culture of compliance and hold your first responders to the highest standards by getting accredited with the help of PowerStandards. PowerStandards can reduce accreditation prep time by up to 50% and map to the latest CALEA standards, protecting your responders and your agency.

Benefits of a workforce management platform

Public safety solution companies can help you meet top industry challenges. Many companies only offer individual solutions that require you to piece together different products from different places to get comprehensive support. But not with PowerDMS. 

PowerDMS is a public safety workforce management platform and provides everything you need to perform at your best from one centralized location. You get integrated solutions with unparalleled support. 

To learn more about the support PowerDMS can offer you and your first responders, schedule a free consultation with a friendly PowerDMS staff member.

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