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July 21, 2023

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Do you remember the reasons you first decided to become a police officer? The sense of purpose, the opportunity to serve your community, the chance to make a difference in people's lives? Somewhere along the way, the daily grind of inefficient processes, burdensome paperwork, and negative media attention started overshadowing the meaningful parts of the job. 

The good news is that law enforcement software can help address the pain and challenges you're dealing with, helping you and your fellow officers get back to doing what you love to do. 

In this article, we'll talk about how law enforcement software companies like PowerDMS can help you shift the focus back to what's great about the job and how you can use it to focus on your purpose, service, and making a difference.

How’s law enforcement software supposed to help? 

You didn't become an officer to be drowning in paperwork, stuck in communication limbo, or faced with negative attention from the public you protect. You didn't want the stresses of the job and overscheduling to turn into significant health issues.

Law enforcement software automates the drudgery of mundane and manual tasks and saves you time and frustration. The right law enforcement scheduling software lets you manage PTO requests, sick leave, scheduling changes, and policy management from a single interface. 

Police software can provide the resources that police departments need to do the job. It can also help you reconnect with your community so you can hear from them and provide more transparency to show the work you're doing.

Law enforcement database software tracks critical data and information for community policing, scheduling, and administrative tasks, which helps you get back to being a cop. The best law enforcement software offers mobile solutions so officers can manage this information on their phones and tablets while they're on the streets, rather than waiting to get back to the precinct and a desktop computer.

Goodbye paperwork and physical manuals

In the past, endless paperwork, countless filing cabinets, and digging through paper manuals stored in giant 3-ring binders became the norm for police departments. Managing old forms, policies, and reports required massive amounts of paper and storage. 

Back then, updating policies and standard operating procedures (SOPs), and managing onboarding, accreditation, and training buried police departments in paper. Locating information in paper manuals or finding old forms was a time-consuming scavenger hunt that took time away from regular policing activities.

Field training software can eliminate a large part of your paperwork by putting everything in the cloud and in online storage. It enables automated policy updates and e-signature tracking so you no longer have to deliver paper copies to everyone with a paper manual and then continue to ask them for signature acknowledgments.

Software streamlines onboarding with automated checklists, training, and signatures to ensure new officers have everything they need to start their work. Plus, real-time training documentation eliminates recency bias. You can provide regular video training so officers can refresh old information and learn new knowledge, all on their mobile devices.

And the best police software provides keyword search functions so officers in the field or in the office can easily find important information. No more wasting time searching through stacks of manuals or missing out on important information because they're out on the streets.

Clear communication and easy updates

Law enforcement software solutions help improve communication within your department. Keeping everyone informed about scheduling changes or training progress can be difficult at the best of times. It gets increasingly time-consuming and inefficient to track down information through group texts or phone trees and follow up with reminders and phone calls. Plus, manual processes for shift trades, managing PTO, and managing timesheets can lead to overstaffing, missed shifts, and other scheduling challenges. 

Law enforcement scheduling software eliminates these problems by providing real-time scheduling and reporting from one single source. Training software gives leaders access to real-time dashboards that show the progress of every trainee and the progress of new training programs and policy implementations. There's no more back-and-forth communication and tracking progress with 

Visible appreciation from your community

You got into this kind of work to serve and make a difference, even knowing it's often thankless. But you probably didn't expect a barrage of negative national media attention and conflict within the community.

Constant negativity and a lack of recognition can make officers feel taken for granted, making them lose their sense of purpose and motivation for the job. And it can get even more frustrating when the media attention doesn't adequately reflect the positive work you do in your community.

Law enforcement software can help improve and strengthen the bond with your community through open communication channels. You can get citizen feedback and input with a community perception survey to track public sentiment and display positive results for everyone in the department to see so officers are reminded of the difference they're making.

Resources to keep your health intact

Managing stress is key to a long law enforcement career. However, accessing health resources and support for things like mental health is traditionally difficult, and the information is not always confidential. Many police officers receive little to no guidance on dealing with stress and trauma, which can negatively affect their emotional and physical well-being.

Police software, like PowerDMS' PowerLine, puts support in your hand 24/7. You can connect with other officers who understand the challenges you face. You can also access targeted resources anytime and from anywhere.

Whether it's information on stress management techniques, a comprehensive content library of physical and mental health resources, or peer support, our police software ensures that you have what you need to keep your health intact.

Final thoughts 

Law enforcement software companies, like PowerDMS, can help police officers reclaim their passion and motivation for the job and refocus on their core duties. We can eliminate the drudgery and mundane paperwork tasks that make it hard to do your job efficiently and effectively.

Our law enforcement software streamlines processes, improves communication, betters community engagement, and gives you easy access to vital wellness resources. PowerDMS' law enforcement software solutions help you get back to your why.

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