Best Law Enforcement Scheduling Software Companies: 5 to Review

Review different vendors available for police scheduling software to find the best one for your agency,

February 7, 2022

close up of calendarHundreds of public safety departments contact us each year about scheduling software solutions (because that is what we specialize in). Talking to these professionals in the industry, we learn a lot about different contract rules, scheduling rotations, and scheduling processes. Our blog is filled with these resources but with that knowledge we have been able to build a system designed specifically with your needs front of mind.

Need some inspiration for new schedules? Click here to download a list of 8-hour shift schedule examples

Since PowerTime is used throughout the U.S., many times we have people asking us:

  1. What other departments near us use your product?
  2. Who are some of your competitors?

These are two great questions for a couple different reasons:

  • You're going to get honest feedback from people using the system on a daily bases - pros and cons.
  • If a company can't give you any referrals, there is probably a reason for that.
  • Finding out and researching competitors will allow you to see advantages/disadvantages of each.

Now we, of course, find PowerTime to be the best law enforcement scheduling software by providing the most features for the most affordable price.

But we understand the importance of evaluating different options and comparing to find the one that is best fit for your specific needs. Therefore, we have listed below some companies who claim to provide law enforcement scheduling software.

5 Scheduling Software Companies Include:

  1. Kronos - Telestaff
  2. VCS - POSS
  3. InTime
  4. Aladtec
  5. ScheduleAnywhere

A few reputable law enforcement sites that offer scheduling software company directories as well can be accessed here: PoliceOne scheduling software administrative software directory, and Police Magazine administration products & services.

So, there are some options to consider if you are comparing and collecting quotes for your new scheduling software. While they all are options who have worked with law enforcement, they are not fitting for every agency.

A lot of variables come into play that makes each one of these options better for some departments than others.

How much does it cost?

To give you an idea of what you're going to spend in general, check out this article: How Much Does Police Scheduling Software Cost?

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