Why you need a mobile policy management app

A mobile policy management app lets people access information remotely

May 27, 2021

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Not everyone works at a desk. Not everyone has a laptop as their primary work device. Some people are in the field, spending most of their time on a mobile phone or a tablet. They send and receive emails, look up information, receive assignments, and even sign forms on their mobile device.

According to the Pew Research Center, in early 2019, 96% of all Americans owned a cellphone, while 81% of Americans owned a smartphone. In 2021, 280.54 million Americans, or about 85%, are expected to own a smartphone

And let's consider how 70% of all web traffic happens on a mobile device and mobile apps account for 89% of all smartphone usage time

At this point, calling it a phone has more to do with its origins than how it’s predominantly used. The majority of Americans spend more time on their mobile devices scouring social media, surfing the web, playing games, watching shows, or doing business than they do taking phone calls. 

It’s now a pocket-sized computer that people take with them everywhere they go. Why not take advantage of its ubiquity? By getting a mobile app for policy management, you grant employees access to important information when they need to access it (sometimes in dire situations) and let them complete training and sign policies at their convenience. In the end, this can save your organization time and money and mitigate risk.

In this article, we'll share the benefits of a mobile app and why you should choose a policy management solution with a mobile option.

Benefits of a mobile app

If you've ever answered emails, bought tickets, paid a bill, made a reservation, or checked the weather, you know why mobile apps are beneficial. Having a mobile policy management app can help anyone who deals with policy management or manages accreditation compliance while they're on the go.

Among other things, a mobile policy management app can help you with these areas

  • Increase productivity: A mobile app lets everyone keep to timelines and schedules. Employees can receive and review policies while they're mobile. You can also manage your workforce on the go.
  • Saves time: Field staff can access crucial content when time is of the essence and accessibility matters most. They don't have to wait until they're in the office or call in so someone else can look up the information for them.
  • Be flexible: Make policies available to anyone on any kind of device, any time of day.
  • Go paperless: Sign off on critical policies with a fingerprint or face ID and avoid the cost and complexity of paper. Employees can review and sign new policies and updates from anywhere without delay.
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance: The actions of public safety organizations and health organizations often have life or death implications. You shouldn't have to wait for a laptop or a lengthy phone call to get clarification on a major decision.

Choosing a policy solution with mobile functionality

The right policy management solution should have a number of different moving parts, each working together. Policy management, training, and accreditation are three legs of the same stool. 

And mobile functionality should be an integral part of any solid policy management plan.

Too many organizations have remote workers, a decentralized workforce, or people in the field (even before the pandemic) to not have a mobile app. It's almost counterproductive to have a policy management solution that doesn't take that segment of the workforce into account. 

Given the increased interest in remote work and work-from-home, many organizations are relying more on mobile communication. So it makes sense that you have a mobile option for your policy management, training, assessments, and accreditation as well.

If you’re in an industry like public safety or healthcare where people’s lives are sometimes on the line, having a mobile policy management app is even more important. Healthcare workers aren’t always at their work stations. Police officers are often in the field. By accessing crucial information in crucial situations, you can protect your community, your employees, and your organization.

It’s important to note, however, that most mobile apps have limited functionality. You may not be able to do everything like editing documents, comparing revisions, or building workflows, but those things can wait until you’re back at your desk. What’s important is that you and your employees can access, reference, approve, and sign critical documents when it matters most.

Want to know more?

PowerDMS offers a mobile app for both Apple and Android phones, giving you a single, secure way to manage, distribute, and track your most important documents. Users can search through your entire document library, replacing binders full of paper with a device that's already in their pockets.

Learn more about features that every policy management software should have, or read more about the PowerDMS mobile app.


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