What is a Biometric Fingerprint Time Clock and How Much Does it Cost?

Fingerprint scanners always intrigued me. I thought they were so technologically advanced. What you see in the futuristic movies.

November 2, 2022

Fingerprint scanners always intrigued me. I thought they were so technologically advanced. What you see in the futuristic movies.

But they're actually pretty simple. And cost-effective.


When we say "biometric timeclock scanner" what does that mean?

A biometric time clock is a fingerprint scanner that allows you punch in and out of your shift for work.

The scanner will associate your fingerprint with your credentials to simultaneously clock you in... and out.


They are a favorable option because they leave less room for error such as buddy punching or adding time that was not worked.

Using a scanner makes clocking in and clocking out process much quicker compared to logging in with a username and password.


Alternative options to biometric time clocks are:

Integrated time clock - used with scheduling software, allows you to punch in with username and password.

Punch card- or timecard that allows you to stamp in and out providing a paper trail.

Paying salary/off of normal schedule- go by honor system for normal hours and submit overtime when worked outside of normal hours.


When evaluating options for your department it is important to think about cost.

How much will it cost us?

But also, how much do errors in timecards cost us now?

How much can we spend on this to still be saving money?

The thing to keep in mind here is the amount your department spends on overtime. 

While we want to believe every single employee does the right thing all the time... that may not be the case.

Some errors could be innocent but still, cost your organization money. 


How much do biometric time clocks cost?

There are a couple different kinds of biometric fingerprint scanners but expect between $150- $600.

See 2 different options & pricing below:


Option A

One that we are most familiar with is a small fingerprint scanner you connect to your computer through a USB port.

It looks something like this:

The price of these biometric systems will be approx. $150 to rent per year.

This will connect to your scheduling software.

It will automatically log your time in the system so you have an electronic record with all that information.

Administrators are able to adjust punches if needed.


Option B

Another kind of bio-clock is one that mounts on the wall and functions on its own (not requiring a computer attached).

These can run anywhere from $150-$600 to purchase.

Price varies on how much the product includes.

For example, how many reports it has, how many employees you need to track, whether it uses WiFi or Ethernet and if support is included.

The data can be transferred by a USB. So it will plug into the time clock, retrieve the time clock data and plug into your computer, to display that data.

It would look something like this:

A couple things you should ask before purchasing these:

  • Do they offer customer support if you ever need help with your machine?
  • Do they offer a warranty?
  • Will their reports work with your payroll?

Now, understand these prices are per clock.

So, if you have people clocking in at 4 different entrances or stations, you'll probably want to get 4 biometric time clocks.

That's when it starts getting pricey.


Who uses bio-clocks?

All kinds of different organizations!

With our experience, working with public safety, we see a lot of EMS and fire departments using biometric time clocks.

A few dispatch, sheriffs, and police departments will use them but not too often.

It is common for law enforcement to use overtime forms and not have a need for time clocks.


Whatever your situation may be, find the right technology to fit your needs best. 

For more questions about timekeeping, biometrics, or scheduling software, feel free to contact us today!

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