PowerDMS 2022 Year in Review

Catch up on a summary of how the products changed in 2022 and learn about two new PowerDMS products.

February 10, 2023

The past few years brought unprecedented challenges that put strain on public safety, from inadequate staffing to national scrutiny and constantly being asked to do more with less.

To ease the burden of these hardships, PowerDMS by NEOGOV remains focused on building a comprehensive Public Safety Workforce Management Platform you can depend on – in both certain and uncertain times.

Leading up to 2023, the workforce management platform we’ve built – and the improvements we will add moving forward – will continue to help you:

  • Protect your agency. Increase transparency and easily maintain agency and staff compliance with a few clicks.
  • Operate with excellence. Automate manual workflows like shift scheduling, field training, and policy management to improve efficiency.
  • Build public trust. Measure citizen satisfaction and provide automatic text updates throughout the lifecycle of an incident – without adding to staff workload.
  • Improve department health. Support staff wellbeing with positive citizen feedback and comprehensive resources that address their unique needs.

While we didn’t implement all the new features we hoped to in 2022, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable solutions that solve your agency’s greatest challenges. For you, that means:

  • One vendor to meet all your agency’s software needs
  • A single login and streamlined workflows for greater workforce efficiency
  • Reliable support from a leader in public safety technology solutions

Below, we review our 2022 additions to each product. This is not a comprehensive list, but we highlight key product improvements to ensure you’re informed of the new capabilities.

PowerPolicy 2022 Highlights

User Sync Admin Portal

Troubleshoot user syncing issues in seconds

The new admin portal provides self-service capabilities that allow an administrator to:

  • View a running list of every sync request
  • See the status of each failed request along with details
  • Focus on causes of the failed requests
  • Retry failed entities once corrections have been made

New Reports and Report Fields

Get the information you’ve been asking for

New reports and report fields make it easier to get the information you need. We’ve added the following to the Reporting and Analytics:

  • Surveys Not Taken report
  • Workflow Template Users report
  • Effective date was added to the Document Summary Report

PowerStandards 2022 Highlights

Copy Attachments

No more duplicate work

Save time by copying one attachment (policy or proof) to multiple standards at once.

Expand/Collapse Highlights

Have a cleaner, more organized workspace

When you have a long list of attachments, it can be hard to keep track of what you’re working on. You can now collapse the list of highlights and focus on one thing at a time.

PowerFTO 2022 Highlights

CAD Integration

No more manually tracking calls

Save time with an automated call entry process. Get more accurate data by easily associating a trainee with their call exposure.

Call Types

A simpler way to organize calls, skills, and performance categories

In the past, everything was an activity. Now you can separate and easily organize call types such as a robbery, assault, or traffic stop.

Template Library Additions

No need to reinvent the wheel

Jumpstart your on-the-job training program by starting with a template vs. building from scratch. Two new Supervisor and Investigations templates make it easier than ever.

PowerEngage 2022 Highlights

PowerEngage was a new addition to our Public Safety Workforce Management Platform in 2022. It is a complete citizen engagement and feedback solution for public safety agencies like yours.

Customizable and automated, PowerEngage

  • Keeps citizens informed via text of delayed response, case updates, and victim notifications
  • Reads your CAD and RMS data to survey citizens via text after select interactions. The average survey response rates are 37% with many agencies as high as 50%.
  • Provides real-time citizen satisfaction data your agency can share with leadership. 90% of customers have a 90%+ Citizen Positive Satisfaction Score.

Learn More About Engage

New CAD & RMS Interfaces in 2022

Just a handful of the CAD & RMS systems Engage works with

  • Versaterm CAD/RMS
  • QED Acuity CAD
  • Niche RMS
  • New World Aegis CAD/RMS
  • New World Enterprise CAD
  • Hexagon CAD
  • Spillman FLEX CAD
  • OneSolution CAD/RMS
  • Omnigo CAD
  • Mark43 CAD/RMS API
  • Southern Software CAD
  • Tiburon CAD
  • Nexgen CAD
  • SmartCop CTS CAD
  • Cincinnati CAGIS 311
  • File-based batch import

PowerLine 2022 Highlights

In 2022, NEOGOV launched a new mobile solution dedicated to the health and wellbeing of first responders. PowerLine is an anonymous wellbeing app built specifically for public safety. It provides first responders across all ranks with dedicated resources and 24/7 support.

PowerLine is currently available to all law enforcement agencies and will be available soon for ECC, fire, and EMS agencies.

Anonymous Wellbeing

No judgment, no stigma – just support

Responders can login and enter anonymous mode to get wellbeing resources and support on their own terms, whenever and wherever they need it.

Peer Volunteer Network

Talk to someone who gets it

A nationwide network of peer volunteers gives responders the ability to talk to someone who understands their challenges because they’ve been there.

Group Sessions

Connect with fellow responders about shared challenges

Group sessions are organized by topic and moderated by a peer volunteer. Responders get the support they need and know they’re not alone.

Content Library

Resources dedicated to first responder wellbeing

Give your responders access to a library full of video, audio, and article content designed to address the unique challenges of a career in public safety.

Local Resource Enablement

Build a comprehensive wellness program

Upload information for your existing local wellness resources in one convenient location. Responders can find all the support they need at their fingertips.

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