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PowerIA is secure case management software that helps you manage internal affairs investigations and complaints from start to finish.

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example of dashboard in PowerIA

Simplify Case Management

Save time with case management software that works the way you do – not the other way around. Customizable workflows and user-friendly dashboards mean you never have to babysit old, outdated systems again.

Ensure Case Security

Prevent unauthorized case access and potential information leaks with easy permission management. Manage system access in the admin settings, and block users from specific cases when there may be a conflict of interest.

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Guarantee Accountability

Never wonder if something was changed without you knowing. Detailed audit logs track every login, access, and edit attempt. View audit trails system-wide or drill into detailed activity logs on individual cases. 

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Key features of case management software

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Connect Cases to Policies

Tie investigations back to mission-critical policies with direct integration with PowerPolicy

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Template Notification Letters

Create agency-branded letters that auto-fill from the system, simplifying employee notification.

Easy Button

Convenient Complaint Intake

Accept complaints via the public portal provided or through simple forms in the system. 

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Complete Configurability

Match investigative workflows to your agency's unique processes – no workarounds needed.


Comprehensive Dashboard

Easily search, view, and manage cases and complaints in one convenient location.

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Additional Investigator Access

Securely assign cases to investigators outside your department as needed.

Professional Standards Suite

Agencies have been underserved by existing professional standards software. So we designed a fully-integrated Professional Standards Suite that meets you where you are with three software solutions that work together seamlessly. 

Click here to learn more about PowerAction – our streamlined reporting software for officer actions.

Click here to learn more about PowerVitals – our wellness-forward early intervention software.



PSS Testimonial

"The Professional Standards Suite has been a game-changer for our organization. Its intuitive interface and robust features have streamlined our processes, saving us time and improving efficiency. It has provided us with the tools we need to succeed with the ability to create custom forms and also the automation of many of our old paper-driven processes."

Deputy Chief Hoar - Fall River Police Department, MA

PSS Testimonial

"Most professional standards software today is antiquated and hard-to-use. To have a set of solutions from a trusted provider like PowerDMS by NEOGOV to help manage this information securely and intuitively is a game changer in terms of giving our team valuable time back and providing accountability to ensure compliance."

Sergeant Benningfield - Lake Worth Police Department, TX

PSS Testimonial

"The Professional Standards Suite from PowerDMS by NEOGOV works together as one seamless, capable program. The software is fully customizable and captures an array of data while providing a smooth end-user experience. I would highly recommend the full suite to any agency looking to upgrade their internal reporting and tracking."

Lieutenant Elliott - Battle Creek Police Department, MI

"The addition of this program has helped our FTOs with teaching trainees. And because we have better trained staff, we are losing less officers because they are seeing a positive change in the division."

Zachary Carter - Bastrop County Police Department

“FTOs complete DORs in 15 or 20 minutes at the end of their shift, rather than having to write almost constantly their entire shift.”

Sergeant Wilcox - Fishers Police Department

“PowerReady allows the academy director to look at what skills people are doing well or not so well on in the field. It helps inform our basic training staff on where we can improve.”

Second Lieutenant Becker - Fairfax County Police Department

“Our FTOs all say it's easier with PowerReady. They can pull over and enter calls right away. And because it's less time consuming, they aren't held over at the end of their shift trying to remember what they did at 6:00 a.m.”

Corporal Winterholler - Gillette Police Department

“Before, we were using Word documents to train our new sergeants. With PowerReady, we can keep track of what they have been trained on and make sure everything is done. Now we have a thorough training record.”

Second Lieutenant Becker - Fairfax County Police Department

“A large part of winning the appeal (in a case to determine just-cause for termination) was the user-friendly setup of PowerReady. Without the ease of use, our CTOs wouldn't have been as comfortable doing the documentation and would've been less likely to utilize the system to its full advantage.”

Darin Riney - Hamilton County Public Safety Communications

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