Law Enforcement Guide to

Recruiting & Retaining Millennials

Insights from law enforcement and FBI experts.

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Hire the best and brightest.

Actionable strategies to incorporate in your hiring procedure.

We interviewed Supervisory Agent Rhonda Glover of the FBI and seasoned law enforcement consultant Marcia Thompson to help you find and hire the best and brightest of the millennial generation.

In the guide, we’ll cover how to:

  • Establish a culture that attracts millennials without compromising your core values.
  • Revisit hiring requirements to make them more applicable for today’s generation of recruits.
  • Conduct interviews that uncover strengths and implicit biases.
  • Uncover how millennials differ from prior generations in the way they learn and grow.

Officers celebrating at graduation with confetti.

"It’s a lot easier to teach someone how to protect and serve than it is to change their biases and value system."

  • Marcia K. Thompson, Esquire
  • Law Enforcement Consultant