Law Enforcement Guide to Implementing Drones

A blueprint for planning, funding, and launching your agency’s drone program.

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Learn how to fund and implement a drone program.

What would a drone program make possible in your community?

We’ve condensed the drone expertise of Elgin (IL) Police Department into this guide; a comprehensive roadmap to drone implementation. We’ll cover topics such as navigating FAA regulations, finding creative ways to fund drone hardware, getting buy-in from your agency and community.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Four practical ways to find the money for drones on a shoestring budget.
  • The two licenses your agency can apply for in order to occupy federal airspace.
  • How to sell your community and city council on the benefits of a drone program.
  • The two types of policies you need to stay protected.

man flying drone

“A lot of agencies put out a drone program without a policy in place. In my opinion, they’re setting themselves up for failure.”

  • Commander Ana Lalley
  • Elgin (IL) Police Department