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September 1, 2020

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Show Description

A concerned citizen reached out to the Addison Police Department to ask how their agency would handle a call involving their special needs child. Inspired by two of his sons and the question from the citizen, Sergeant Stefan Bjes has become an advocate in law enforcement for the special needs community by training agencies across the country.

Listen as he shares practical steps towards safe policing for the special needs community.

Show Notes

1. Common Calls for Service Regarding Special Needs (4:32)

2. The importance of training in handling situations with special needs (8:53)

– The difference between Awareness and Acceptance

3. The Strategy to close the gap between law enforcement and the special needs community (14:38)

– Training & Tools – PECS Cards, Sensory Kit, Soccer Program

4. How Tools Work With Policies (23:40)

– Alternative Forms of Communication

– How do our officers have access to this information on a call for service?

– How do we implement this program?

– Buy-in from community


Blue Line Spectrum Safety LLC was founded by Stefan Bjes. Stefan is currently a patrol sergeant and has served with a police department in the Chicago suburbs for over 19 years. We provide comprehensive training relating to the unique challenges of those affected by Autism and intellectual disabilities to promote a greater understanding between all.

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