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What’s Included

The CALEA® Core Standards Resource Library was created in response to requests regarding best practices to fundamental operations in today’s environment. These standards have been specifically selected to provide proven industry guidance for agencies attempting to address high-liability and critical duties.

  • 30+ CALEA standards, including:
  • Duty to intervene
  • Use of Force
  • Annual Training
  • Neck Restraints
  • And more
  • Sample policies from CALEA accredited agencies that speak to internationally recognized standards.
  • Secure access to this content through PowerDMS, an industry leading, policy and accreditation management software.

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Only available to and accessible to verified public safety professionals.


Contributions from reputable industry leaders and high performing peer agencies.


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Content is stored on AWS GovCloud on a FBI, CJIS, and HIPPA compliant platform.


Benchmark policies against high-performing agencies and accreditation standards.


Access this critical content anytime, from anywhere.

“It is a pivotal time for law enforcement agencies as they work to improve organizational effectiveness through improved transparency and accountability. We want to put the right tools in front of agencies to simplify their ability to adhere to crucial industry standards, seek accreditation, and allow for more rapid policy development.”

— Craig Hartley, Executive Director of CALEA

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Message from CALEA

Watch the video to hear from Craig Hartley, the executive director of CALEA to understand why the CALEA Core Standards Resource Library was created for you.

About CALEA and PowerDMS

CALEA is an internationally recognized leader in the development and maintenance of critical public safety standards

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