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Software for better, faster compliance

PowerDMS Mobile App

Put crucial information in the palm of your hand.

More than just a mobile app

PowerDMS offers you a single, secure way to manage, distribute, and track your most important documents. Quickly see and understand the complete history – from creation to publication and everything in between. Always know when, and by whom, it was reviewed, revised, approved, and signed.

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Access critical documents, sign off with a simple swipe or fingerprint, and perform full-text search – anytime, anywhere.

Simplify How You Access Crucial Information

View your most important documents anytime, anywhere with the PowerDMS Mobile App. You can increase your mobile readiness by putting the most up-to-date versions of your policies, procedures and other crucial information into your staff’s fingertips.

Health professional using the PowerDMS mobile app.
Business professional checking a policy on the PowerDMS mobile app while commuting to work.

Quickly Find Information on the Go

Search through your entire document library no matter where you are. You can replace binders full of paper policies with the device that’s already in your pocket.

Increase Accountability and Compliance

Avoid the cost and hassle of printing out paper copies for your employees to sign. With the PowerDMS Mobile App, you can sign off on critical policies simply by using your fingerprint.

The PowerDMS Android and iOS app displayed on two mobile smart phones.

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