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Your ECC relies on employee training documentation to prove compliance. Learn how PowerReady by PowerDMS makes it easy to manage training documents.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Excessive ECC training documentation

Employee training documentation serves an essential purpose: it helps you identify who successfully completed what training and protects your agency from liability if a mistake occurs. But with so many papers to keep track of, it can be difficult to quickly find the information you need right when you need it.

When you consider the long list of technology solutions that require specialized training on top of onboarding and other required 911 telecommunicator training, it’s no wonder that agencies feel like they’re drowning in documentation paperwork. Relying on a manual process to track employee training documentation takes time that most ECCs don’t have in today’s age of understaffing and resource constraints. As a result, it’s easy to see why emergency communications centers quickly become overwhelmed with documentation. Communications Training Officers (CTOs) and ECC Directors must spend time manually:

  • Tracking trainee program completion
  • Finding telecommunicator training documents
  • Making any required updates or changes

This inefficient document management introduces liability risks and compliance issues to your organization. If staff are under-trained – or if you lack proof that they’ve received proper emergency services dispatcher training – you can’t ensure accountability across the organization. Undertraining can also lead to low morale, mistakes, and complacency, which negatively impact the quality of services your agency provides and create safety risks for both citizens and partners.

The solution: Training records management software

PowerReady by PowerDMS provides the perfect training document management system to overcome these challenges. This training records management software simplifies probationary telecommunicator training and performance documentation by automating these frustrating, time-consuming manual processes. PowerReady provides a centralized system to manage documentation so you can focus on the crucial work of developing high-quality telecommunicators.

ECC Directors and CTOs can use PowerReady to efficiently manage and track training documents in a single, cloud-based location – on any device, in any place, and at any time. This software makes it easy to automate the onboarding process and advancement training programs by assigning tasks to individuals, groups, or departments in your agency.

You can also streamline communications with trainees and new hires by setting task notification reminders so no one forgets to complete required training. CTOs will appreciate that they can customize workflows for specific 911 emergency dispatcher training goals and even log call notes and objectives into reports within the system.

Finally, PowerReady’s easy-to-use interface lets supervisors and CTOs monitor trainee progress and analyze your 911 telecommunicator training program as a whole. Simply view this software’s dashboards and reports to see things like trainer effectiveness and areas that need attention. To ensure your agency is performing to its full potential, you can also set notifications for assigned tasks, such as those that require review of forms and low-performing reports, so everyone is in the know.

The benefits of a training document management system

PowerDMS’s training document management system saves CTOs time and reduces printing costs that come with paper-based documentation processes. PowerReady also streamlines and automates documentation workflows to be more efficient, so your agency doesn’t require additional supportive resources to prove ECC compliance.

Above all else, you can ensure that telecommunicators meet ECC training requirements and don’t fall behind on critical 911 training. This enables you to guarantee compliance and protect your ECC, since you can track all ECC training documentation and task completion in one central place. In doing so, you can uphold accountability, maintain high telecommunicator morale, and provide excellent services to your community and first responders.

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