Analytics Benefits

PowerDMS Analytics makes it easy for users, regardless of their technical skills, to create reports, perform analysis, and gather insights from their organization’s compliance data. With Analytics you can:

  • Make informed decisions: Comprehensive data provides a clear picture of success along with opportunities to improve your organization’s compliance.
  • Visualize data: Dashboards help you see compliance gaps so you can focus on the most critical areas of improvement.
  • Automate reports: Automatically send reports to supervisors to empower them to hold their direct reports accountable to policies and training.

Key Analytics Features


Standard Reports

Over 32 out of the box reports that can be filtered and sorted to your needs. Includes quick links within reports. 

Data Visualization

Oven ten dashboards help you see compliance gaps so you can focus on the most critical areas of improvement.


Create department level reports and schedule to automatically email supervisors on a recurring basis.

Data Export

Download or export raw data in over eight different formats including CSV, JSON, and PDF for use in third-party tools.
“PowerDMS’ new analytics capabilities provide sound data and crucial insight. At a glance, I know how well our officers have tested on new policies, how well they comprehend them, and the action needed to appropriately follow up. This tool will enable our managers and executive level staff to derive actionable insights, resulting in timely and data-supported decision making.”

Ed Goodman - Accreditation Manager

What is PowerDMS

PowerDMS is a policy and compliance management platform for high-trust organizations. Forged in the public safety sector, PowerDMS now serves more than 4,000 public and private sector organizations worldwide.

Like most policy management solutions, we have the features you'd expect – workflows, version control, central repository, mobile app, etc. Our new Analytics tool is just one way we take your policy, training, and accreditation efforts to the next level. With Analytics, your compliance data becomes an instrument that saves you time and effort.

what is powerdms

PowerDMS policy management features overview

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