Policy Management Software for Corrections

Protect your agency by reducing risk and limiting liability.

PowerDMS reduces the cost and complexity of policy management and training by storing, updating, disseminating, and tracking critical compliance content online.

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Reduce Risk & Limit Liability

Quickly prove that staff have access to the current policy, they have signed the policy, and were properly trained. This protects your agency from employees claiming they never received an email or a copy of a document.

  • Electronically track who has seen and signed each policy
  • Provide centralized 24/7 access to all your crucial content on any devices
  • Quickly see and understand the complete history of your documents
  • Ensure your team only sees the most up-to-date version

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Simplify Your Accreditation

We partner with organizations like ACA, NCCHC, CALEA, and many others to publish their standards in PowerDMS and give you a tool to link your documentation to those standards. This streamlines your accreditation process by moving everything online.

  • Manage your entire accreditation process electronically
  • Attach proofs of compliance to electronic standards inside of PowerDMS
  • Know when a standard changes and see which policies might be impacted with automated alerts
  • Publish your policies online with one click of a button with Public Facing Documents

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Atlanta DOC

City of Atlanta Department of Corrections Gaining Organizational Efficiencies in Communication and Accreditation

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Eliminate Overtime Costs for Onsite Classes

In-person training is costly. Reduce your need to cover overtime by developing fully customized online courses that officers can take independently, at their own pace.

  • Deliver your training videos and PowerPoint presentations online
  • Track who’s completed assigned training and their results
  • Issue tests to ensure staff understand what they’ve learned
  • Create custom training certificates to reward or certify staff upon completion of a course

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Save on Paper Costs

Paper processes are time consuming and expensive. Stop trying to keep paper binders and files up to date, and move to a modern, cloud-based solution that saves you time and money.

  • The average PowerDMS customer saves about $9,775 in paper costs alone
  • Save time and hassle by hosting, editing, and distributing your content in one, common system
  • Turnkey solution allows you to move into the cloud with little to no IT support
  • Create multiple document workflows to collaborate electronically on edits, reviews, and approvals

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