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February 26, 2021

Numbers at a glance

303 Employees | 624 Inmates | ACA Accreditation
The City of Atlanta Department of Corrections applied green principles to everyday practices by implementing PowerDMS, a paperless solution, to aid in document and policy management. They never imagined the savings they would achieve and the environmental benefits they would come to embrace. Chief Patrick Labat was looking for a way to streamline communications around policies and procedures, as well as the management of multiple accreditations, when he was introduced to PowerDMS at an accreditation conference. Chief Labat immediately recognized the efficiencies attainable by deploying a software solution to automate many of their business processes.

After implementation, Chief Labat recognized an additional benefit that helped drive adoption. In the past, Quessie Parks, Accreditation Manager, had the daunting task of printing any new or revised policies and collecting physical signatures from each employee. The paperless nature of updating and disseminating the organization’s most critical communications using PowerDMS saved the organization thousands of dollars in paper alone. The staff enjoyed the speed and immediate access the online solution provided, but also tout the environmental benefits the investment afforded the organization.

The decision to purchase PowerDMS was born out of efficiency. We liked the time savings it provided all our staff when communicating about important policy/procedures, training and personnel orders. After we implemented and we saw the dollar savings associated with paper costs and the positive impact using this solution has on the environment, the staff rallied to support this green initiative.


Patrick Labat
City of Atlanta Department of Corrections

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