Is any additional software required to use PowerDMS?

Only a modern web browser (i.e. Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) is required to use PowerDMS’ core functionality.

January 27, 2021

Only a modern web browser (i.e. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Firefox) is required to use PowerDMS’ core functionality. However, we do include two advanced feature options that require additional software.

The first feature, PowerDMS Sync, is for IT admins who want to synchronize user and group information to PowerDMS. This requires a tool, provided by us, which can be installed and run on a single server within your network. This doesn’t affect end user environments.

The second feature, Author, allows end users to edit documents stored in PowerDMS locally, with all changes saved back to PowerDMS seamlessly. This is accomplished via a software plugin downloadable directly from PowerDMS. A document editor, such as Microsoft Word, is also required to use this feature and is not provided by PowerDMS.

Both the IT tool and end-user plugin are provided by PowerDMS free of charge and are supported for Microsoft Windows only with an additional dependency on the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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