The most pressing issues facing law enforcement today

The public safety landscape has shifted over the past few years, giving rise to new and unprecedented challenges. At least one of these common challenges may resonate with you:

  • Low staff morale and high burnout
  • Employees leaving or retiring in record numbers
  • Ineffective communication with citizens
  • The national narrative on Public Safety isn’t consistent with experiences in your local community
  • No reliable way to gather and measure citizen feedback
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What can we do?

The ongoing pandemic, civil unrest, high-profile incidents, calls for defunding the police, and the mass exodus across workforces have created a crisis in law enforcement over the past few years. But there are actionable solutions - steps that you can take at your agency today to meet those challenges.


Balance the
National Narrative

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Keep citizens informed

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Build officer

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Balance the national narrative

In recent years, the national narrative on law enforcement has had a negative impact on local communities where citizens and police have a consistently positive relationship. 

Without a way to record and quantify the overwhelmingly positive law enforcement and community relations, departments are left to deal with the fallout of negative narratives on the news — reduced community engagement, eroded trust between citizens and officers, and low officer morale.

In this situation, your department needs a solution that shines a light on the positive reality between citizens and police in your local community.


Explore the need for a wider public understanding of the day-to-day challenges of law enforcement.

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Balance the national negative narrative with positive reality in your community.

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Learn how to accurately evaluate & manage citizen engagement.

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Keep citizens informed

People today have much higher expectations for in-the-moment communication due to conveniences like rideshare GPS tracking, informed delivery from the post office, and even pizza delivery apps that send step-by-step updates. Keeping citizens informed and updated about their call or case makes them feel valued and shows them that the department cares.

Communicate more proactively with citizens by sending automated messages about their call or case using a simple, easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require extensive technological know-how. Turn it on and let it do the work for you.



A law enforcement/community relationship built on mutual trust is the foundation for effective policing.

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Easily engage citizens to keep them informed & build goodwill

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Citizen engagement - two law enforcement professionals share real-world scenarios.

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Build officer morale

Morale is about more than whether or not someone enjoys their job. Morale is critical to a person’s motivation, diligence, performance, and their overall wellbeing.

In law enforcement today, declining morale is a serious threat. Police burnout and low morale are causing officers to leave in record numbers. In fact, a survey of 200 departments revealed a “45% increase in the retirement rate and a nearly 20% increase in resignations in 2020-21 compared to the previous year.”

Learn how to fight burnout, promote excellent service, and reinforce positive community relationships with law enforcement.


Morale is the glue that holds everything together. It allows your agency to do its best work.

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Learn how to improve morale, increase officer retention and boost recruitment

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Improving morale - two public safety leaders detail real-world scenarios.

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Customer Stories

Case Study

How Warren County Communications Center reduced callbacks by 61% and improved staff morale.

PowerEngage by PowerDMS is citizen engagement and feedback software that works with your CAD and RMS systems. PowerEngage helps you automate notifications, measure citizen satisfaction, and boost staff morale and wellbeing.

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See the expanded PowerDMS platform in action

Everything you need to train, equip, and protect your public safety employees in a single system – from the moment they’re hired until they retire. Schedule a demo to learn how PowerDMS can benefit you.

  • Update, distribute, and track your policies 4x faster
  • Access and track field training data to improve your FTO program
  • Measure citizen satisfaction and boost officer morale
  • Simplify the employee scheduling process
  • Prove compliance to your accreditation standards