Reduce Burnout from Overtime with Fire Department Scheduling Software

Discover how our fire department scheduling software can contribute to a healthier and more sustainable work environment for your dedicated firefighters.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Overtime scheduling causes firefighter burnout

As fire departments cope with understaffing and low recruiting numbers, firefighters are being asked to work longer shifts and more overtime to meet fire department staffing standards. Unfortunately, increased fire department forced overtime means firefighters are more exhausted and burnt out, making them prone to mistakes and affecting the department's community services.

To make matters worse, departments have no effective system for tracking and managing fire department schedules. Without a clear understanding of each staff member’s hours worked, open shifts, and overtime, departments struggle to prevent firefighter burnout, overscheduling and stress. This vicious cycle causes low retention as more firefighters leave their jobs, and also makes it harder for departments to recruit new firefighters to replace them.  And in the end, these issues impact the fire department’s ability to keep firefighters and the community safe.

The solution: Fire department scheduling software

PowerDMS' fire department scheduling software, PowerTime, streamlines schedule management with real-time scheduling updates to reduce overscheduling and stress that cause firefighter burnout.

PowerTime warns you when staff reach their maximum hours, so you can schedule shifts fairly and limit forced overtime. The automated system also tracks approvals, hours accrued, and PTO banks so you don’t have to perform manual calculations. What’s more, with this cloud-based system that can be accessed on any digital device, staff can easily trade shifts to better fit their needs whether at home or at work.

Fire departments can also create a multi-tiered approval system for time off requests, including automatic updates whenever a change is made, to make the process more efficient. Furthermore, staff can customize PowerTime to send them automated notifications about schedule changes and time-off approvals as they happen in real-time. 

The benefits of fire department shift scheduling software

PowerDMS’s digital scheduling system provides a clear view of scheduling across the department. The PowerTime fire department schedule app's automated alerts ensure firefighters aren’t overscheduled, while real-time updates make it easier to request time off and view their fire department schedules 24/7. 

These benefits support a more streamlined, efficient scheduling process for administrative staff. At the same time, PowerTime helps reduce firefighter burnout from missed vacations, schedule miscommunications and errors, and overworking due to staffing shortages – all of which can support improved retention and recruitment. And perhaps most importantly, you can ensure firefighter safety and quality citizen services with more informed, motivated, and well-rested staff.

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