The Mental Hygiene Project

Available to Healthcare, Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement


The Mental Hygiene Project® (MHP) provides training, video courses, policies and consulting to create cultures that focus on mental health and total wellness. Partnering with PowerDMS as their first mental health based content provider, MHP works with first responders to define a culture of “healthy leadership” and wellness, instead of defaulting to a culture of stigma and social taboo around mental health.

MHP provides weekly, complimentary articles on mental health, mindset, wellness, first responder health, how to avoid burnout, strategies for resilience and how to create balance in life as a first responder.

Co-Founder Ryan S. Gallik served nearly 20 years as a firefighter/paramedic and in critical incident stress management and Co-Founder Michael L. Stahl has spent more than 25 years working with behavioral traits assessments and psychological profiles.

Content Channels Available for Purchase:

  • “Psychological Empowerment 360™” (PSE 360™) 18 segment video training course on the prevention and mitigation of mental health injuries such as anxiety, depression, burnout, compassion fatigue, post-traumatic stress and more. Segments average between 8-12 minutes in length and discuss strategies for resilience and recovery, and how to build composure and adaptability, as well as how to find a “culturally competent” clinician.

    Video segments are engaging with images, background video, graphics and music. 1, 2 and 3 year licensing agreements are available for the course which also comes with the electronic version of an 89 page workbook and the “Wheel of Wellness” for participants to use as a life tool.

    “This course encourages the police department to incorporate positive intervention and support. As police officers we will see and experience traumatic moments throughout our career that will affect each of us differently. This course will provide the tools for you to learn how to build inner strength and resilience for what life presents to you and how to conquer your inner fears. It also provides tools for a successful life, family/friendship and career.”

    Sergeant Ciara Melendez
    Police Department
    City of St Cloud, FL

  • Four core policies that are important for any organization’s mental health foundation. These include…

    - Mental Health and Mental Hygiene Policy
    - Peer Support Policy
    - Stay-at-Work and Return-to-Work Policy
    - Anti-Bullying and Anti-Retaliation Policy

    These policies are available in one-year subscriptions individually or as a “bundle” of all four together.

  • Live or video conference based training and development on a host of topics from our “Mental Hygiene University” which includes PSE 360™, Leadership Role in Developing a Ready and Resilient Workforce, How to Deal with Difficult People, Emotional Intelligence and more.

  • Customized consulting to develop both individual and organizational resilience utilizing our “R4 Resilience Formula™”.

    “Michael and Ryan have tremendous passion about a very important topic and their style of speaking is extremely engaging. For first responders, Post-Traumatic Stress and Compassion Fatigue are things that many of our brothers and sisters live with, along with other ‘mental health injuries’ that do not get discussed freely. Ryan and Michael provide common-sense, real-world strategies that actually speak to things that those in the fire service need. We appreciate their outstanding preparation, real-world stories that people can relate to and commitment to making a positive difference in our training classes and in the entire community.”

    James White, CFO, EFO, MiFireE, Winter Park Chief (retd.)
    Fire Training Program Director
    Valencia College

    To discuss our video training course, consulting or any of our live or web-based training initiatives you can call us direct at…
    Michael L. Stahl – 407-375-8271
    Ryan S. Gallik – 352-434-9119

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