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With all the similarities, how do you determine which policy management solution is right for your agency?

August 25, 2022

The challenges of finding the right solutions

The stakes are high when choosing the right solutions for your agency. You want to protect your organization and employees and give staff the support they need to function at the highest level. 

You will likely have concerns regarding budget, ease of use for staff, familiarity/unfamiliarity with technology, how to measure ROI, and the need to address multiple challenges at once. 

The pressure and scrutiny surrounding modern policing make your choices even more significant. Tools that protect you from liability, free staff from time-consuming manual tasks, and assist with citizen engagement have become a modern necessity.

We're here to help you make the best decisions for your agency. 

The right solutions share key characteristics. They’re easy to implement, provide immediate and lasting value, empower staff by being easy to use, and come with tremendous customer support. Most importantly, they address your agency's specific needs. 

Since 2001, PowerDMS has been providing solutions to support law enforcement agencies. The PowerDMS public safety workforce platform is built for law enforcement and designed to address the challenges you face daily. 5000+ law enforcement customers across the country trust us to provide them with support for scheduling, officer wellness, policy and accreditation management, citizen engagement, and field training. 

PowerDMS isn't just a product, it's a one-stop solution to support you in being your best. Our feature-rich resources connect tools, teams, data, and processes to help your employees and agency function more effectively. 

What makes PowerDMS different?

PowerDMS is your one-stop solution

PowerDMS provides tools that equip your officers and staff to succeed, from onboarding to retirement, in one all-inclusive system. Our 360º approach ensures you have everything you need to recruit, train, equip, and protect your staff. 

With PowerDMS’s easy-to-use platform, you can create a living connection between your policies, training, accreditation, citizen engagement, officer wellness, and scheduling. Comprehensive support for your organization in one connected system.

Designed for the needs of law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies face unique challenges that require dedicated solutions. PowerDMS uses direct input from active and retired law enforcement professionals to ensure our products provide maximum value. 

We pride ourselves on understanding the needs of law enforcement and continuing to provide and develop the most relevant features. Whether that’s streamlining personnel scheduling to free understaffed agencies from time-consuming manual processes, or centralizing training records to help you stay compliant, our products exist to make your jobs easier.

It’s faster and easier to create and update policies

When switching from paper methods to PowerDMS, our customers have reduced the time it takes to update and distribute a policy to their staff by 75%. That means instead of an average time of four weeks to change and distribute a policy, they’re doing it in a week or less. 

You can also subscribe to policy content from CALEA and customize it to meet your needs. Once enrolled in CALEA's accreditation program, you can subscribe to sample policies from other accredited agencies and customize those to meet your needs as well.

Ensure minimum staffing with a complete personnel scheduler

PowerTime, the complete scheduling tool from PowerDMS, handles the unique scheduling challenges your agency faces every day. Our automated system brings transparency to your scheduling, so your entire workforce is informed, accountable, and not overworked. 

Streamline time-consuming manual scheduling processes, ensure minimum staffing, and fill open shifts as they arise. Post announcements, require acknowledgment of receipt, and auto-notify staff about schedule changes.

Centralize and standardize your field training

Ensure standardized training across your organization with PowerFTO, our complete onboarding and field training solution. Compile trainee information in one easy-to-access location to get easy views of trainee progress, trainer effectiveness, and areas that need attention. Customize PowerFTO to fit your existing processes and training model and save your FTO’s time with streamlined daily observation reports.

Simplest way to prepare for an assessment

Our accreditation solution comes pre-loaded with the CALEA, IACLEA, and almost every state-level standards manual. With our platform, you can map your policies to these standards and prepare for onsite assessments in less time. You can also highlight proofs of compliance, give assessors access to documents before an onsite, and conduct mock assessments remotely. Our tool has been proven to reduce assessment prep time by up to 50%.

24/7 access to anonymous wellness support

Many agency wellness programs remain underutilized because officers believe they’ll face judgment or career consequences by using them. PowerLine, the one-stop wellness app from PowerDMS, is built to address those concerns and provide comprehensive support.

Boost morale and mental wellness by giving staff access to a nationwide network of volunteer peers, a complete content library, and virtual group sessions. All with complete anonymity and no user tracking. Leadership can upload existing wellness resources into the app and use anonymized data reporting to understand the most utilized resources and offer targeted support.

Improve citizen engagement and boost morale

With our set it and forget it citizen engagement solutions you can automate citizen feedback and boost staff morale in the process. Better engage the members of your community and let them show officers they’re appreciated.

Our easy-to-use software doesn’t require an administrator or extra staffing. Automatic text surveys and case updates help you build community engagement and showcase the positive reality of your community. Share commendations and accolades with officers in real-time via email or display them on a big screen in the agency for everyone to see.

Top-rated customer support

When you choose PowerDMS, you get unlimited, ongoing support from our Customer Success Team. Based in the U.S., they answer all service requests sent in via phone, email, and chat, with 85% of customer cases resolved in under one business day. PowerDMS has 5,000+ customers, a 97% customer satisfaction rate, and over 500+ 5-star reviews for customer service on third-party review sites like Capterra, TrustRadius, and G2.

Customer advocacy program

On top of our ongoing customer support, PowerDMS offers a customer advocacy program called Champions. As a Champion, you can see upcoming features before anyone else, learn from peers and share insider knowledge, engage with beta programs for new features, and earn points for completing challenges, which can be traded in for rewards.

Industry-leading data security

We seek the highest standards in data management and security. PowerDMS is hosted on AWS GovCloud (US) and all data is encrypted. Our platform is load-balanced across three secure, US-based data centers designed to anticipate and tolerate failure while maintaining service levels. We also maintain FBI-CJIS, SOC 2, and HIPAA compliance.

The gold standard in law enforcement

Since 2001, we’ve been serving public safety organizations across the country. Our mission today remains the same: to provide you with the best tools and support to meet the everyday challenges of working in law enforcement. 

PowerDMS shares some of the same features with other providers, but thanks to our easy-to-use platform that creates a living connection between your policies, training, accreditation, community engagement, officer wellness, and scheduling, we do those same things better. We pride ourselves on being a one-stop solution for your agency.

As you review your agency’s current processes, try to assess how much money you’re losing (or could lose) from every gap, risk, and inefficiency. It’s not a fun exercise, but these numbers should be factored into your purchase decision. It’s not just about how much a solution costs. It’s about how much time and money a solution can save you in the long run.

Time and time again, the value that PowerDMS provides agencies exceeds the cost. We push bi-weekly software updates so our platform is always improving. We boast industry-leading customer support, based in the U.S., and hold ourselves to the highest security standards so you can be confident your data is safe. We offer educational tools via PowerDMS University, Entrust (our annual conference for customers), and a Community Success portal with helpful articles. 

We also publish a number of state, national, and international standards. Subscribing to these makes maintaining and achieving accreditation faster and easier. Through our LE accreditation partners, we provide free user groups and training events. Led by a PowerDMS and accreditation expert, these virtual and in-person events will help you grow in your knowledge of your accreditation process and our platform.

When you add these value drivers to your estimated ROI, it’s clear that PowerDMS stands above the crowded market. But don’t just take our word for it – it’s been proven by the experiences of 5,000+ customers:

  • Update policies up to 4x faster
  • Save an average of 300 hours per year by automating field training
  • Automate citizen engagement with surveys averaging a 50% response rate (5x the average)
  • Boost officer morale with citizen positive satisfaction scores averaging between 85% and 98%
  • Save thousands of dollars in overtime costs by hosting training online
  • Reduce accreditation prep time by up to 50%
  • Protect your agency from costly wrongful termination lawsuits
  • Decrease printing and paper costs by up to $10,000, on average
  • Prepare for onsite assessments in less than 6 months

[We reduced] the number of annual retraining hours from 36 to 4. We were paying about $150,000 a year in overtime to have people come to training. By implementing PowerDMS, we saved $87,000 in overtime training costs. That was an extremely easy sell.

- Penny Phelps, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

[PowerTime] software has saved our department huge amounts of time. Schedules self-perputate, and overtime requests are time-stamped for fairness. The communication blast feature is extremely useful for last-minute coverage needs. It’s as if they thought of everything.

- Lt. Mckim, Ephrata Police Department

“The addition of this program has helped our FTOs with teaching trainees. And because we have better trained staff, we are losing less officers because they are seeing a positive change in the division.

-Zachary Carter, Bastrop County Police Department

“Leveraging modern technology to build deeper understanding and relationships with our community is a key component when it comes to maintaining transparency and our continued trust-building efforts.

- Chief Neil Gang, Pinole Police Department

PowerDMS allows our agency to ensure all policies and procedures are available to our officers 24/7, and that the most current version is the one they see.

- Tammy Halligan, Howard County Police Department

Instead of just getting the bare minimum of training — 24 hours a year — we take the money we save [through PowerDMS] and offer additional training we wouldn’t have been able to offer. Last year, our officers were able to do 100 hours of training.

- Joe Upton, Lacey Police Department

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