Since our inception, PowerDMS has always had a passion for providing technology and solutions that best meet the needs of our customers. Over the past decade, the amount of technology we consume at work, home or play on a daily basis has increased drastically. With this increased usage, consumers’ demands for functionality, availability and security are at an all-time high.

With all these factors in play, we at PowerDMS put a lot of time and effort into crafting a solution that is feature-rich, available anytime and anywhere, and utilizes security and disaster recovery strategies not found in many customer environments today. We also want to provide this service at an affordable subscription rate, now and in the future. After much consideration, we found that to accomplish these tasks, it was time to shift our business to the cloud.

What is the cloud? This is a question many people are asking right now, and it’s being answered in many different ways; in fact, it’s become such an important question that it got some airtime during the Super Bowl this year. There are plenty of articles available for you to enjoy from a number of different viewpoints—just Google “What is the cloud?” and enjoy.

One more question you’re probably asking yourself right now: “How does PowerDMS in the cloud benefit me?” Let me count the ways.

1.   Easy Access:  It’s accessible anytime, anywhere—all you need is an Internet connection.

2.   Security:  PowerDMS utilizes the best security and disaster recovery solutions available.

3.   Cost Savings:  All you need is a web browser—no hardware, software, or IT.

4.   Increased Performance:  PowerDMS can provide access to newer technology and features more quickly; the result is a faster, more superior PowerDMS experience.

5.   Automatic Updates: You’re guaranteed to always be on the latest version of PowerDMS.

6.   Response Time:  If something goes wrong, the issue is identified quickly and easily, and then corrected immediately.

7.   Skilled Vendors:  PowerDMS employees are subject matter experts in their respective areas, and their full-time jobs are to make sure PowerDMS is working to satisfy customer needs, in every aspect.

8.  Seamless Implementation:  PowerDMS can create a site and initiate training for you immediately—no need to add to your IT department’s list of solutions/projects and wait to get started.

9.   Scaling:  No need to worry about your IT infrastructure, growth rate or making a new round of documents paperless.

We’ve done the research and made the transition. As a result, PowerDMS is an even more powerful tool and lowers your organization’s total cost of ownership further. Check in with us if you have any questions about the cloud.