Paper filing systems are a thing of the past. As everything from policies to paperwork to training moves into the digital realm, more and more organizations are moving documents and records online. Centralized, cloud-based collaboration tools and compliance management systems are the name of the game.

When researching a system, buy vs. build is the first consideration. Here are three reasons you should choose a ready-to-purchase solution, like PowerDMS, over a system that you would have to build yourself, such as SharePoint:

Ease of use and adoption

SharePoint requires your organization to build out your own internal site for document and compliance management, which means you’ll need extensive IT expertise. PowerDMS doesn’t require any development; you can implement it yourself. And it includes frequent updates that automatically improve the software without requiring technical assistance. While SharePoint can take a year to implement, your organization can have PowerDMS up and running in just 90 days. And PowerDMS’s intuitive user interface means your employees will catch on quickly.

Money savings

Hiring IT professionals to help build, implement and maintain a document and compliance management system on SharePoint adds up. You won’t need to hire IT experts to implement PowerDMS, and compliance professionals can manage it themselves, which can save your organization up to $100,000 in tech labor costs.

Simpler accreditation compliance

PowerDMS has partnered with accrediting bodies from many different industries to provide electronic copies of standards, which allows your organization to crosswalk your policies and other compliance documentation to the accreditation standards.

When it comes to deciding on the best policy and compliance management system for your organization, the choice is simple: buy, don’t build.

Build vs. Buy | Sharepoint vs. PowerDMS

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