As organizations move toward paperless offices, many are using email to distribute new policies and procedures to employees.

Email is certainly an important aspect of alerting employees of changes to key policies, but effective electronic policy management requires so much more than distributing policies via email and assuming employees will read them. Here are a few things to take into consideration:


According to the Computer Security Institute and the FBI, data theft has grown more than 650 percent in recent years. PWC’s 2016 Global State of Information Security Survey found that there were 38 percent more cyber security incidents in 2015 than there were in 2014.

Emailing out sensitive policies and other important documents could easily put your organization at risk. Emails can be intercepted or wind up in the wrong place, and not all email services encrypt attached files. Maintaining accurate email addresses and lists can also take up valuable administrative resources.


Cases such as Campbell v. General Dynamics and State v. Edward Nero show that policy emails alone are not enough to prove that employees read updated policies. Simply sending out policies via email without any definitive way to track employee engagement will not protect your organization in court. Using some type email tracking, such as read receipts, may not be sufficient either, as it can still be difficult to keep track of which employees have actually read the policies.

Version control

If an organization sends out multiple updates of the same policy via email, there is no way to ensure that employees are referring to the most updated policy. Employees may accidentally delete newer email updates or get confused by multiple versions when trying to refer to policies.

Protect your organization

Adopting a good policy management software will allow your organization to keep your policies safe, hold employees accountable and make sure employees are reading the most up-to-date policies. PowerDMS enables you to alert employees to policy updates, track electronic signatures and follow up to make sure every employee signs off on new policies. Detailed reports protect your organization by proving employees saw and signed policies. Customizable tests and surveys ensure that employees understand expectations and give administrators feedback on how to further improve policies and training. Version control ensures that employees only see the updated policies, while administrators can access the complete document history. PowerDMS’s secure, centralized location and privacy settings keep your classified information safe.

PowerDMS makes policy management simple, trackable and adaptable. Protect and improve your organization by moving past simply emailing policies to a streamlined, secure paperless process.

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