Improve Firefighter Motivation & Morale in Your Fire Department

Find out how your fire department can improve motivation and morale with fire department software that collects feedback from the community.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Low firefighter morale

Firefighters have a high-stress job that can quickly lead to burnout and high turnover for the department. They need to be ready to jump into action at a moment's notice and are often at the frontlines during some of the worst moments in people’s lives. They regularly experience life-threatening scenarios when it’s their job to keep citizens safe.

With immense pressure and low recognition, it’s easy to understand why firefighter motivation and morale are at an all-time low. Unfortunately, many fire departments don’t have a consistent way to provide firefighter commendation and support. Without positive acknowledgments and wellness checks, the pressure and stress just keep building. Not only does this deteriorate firefighter job satisfaction, it also contributes to high burnout. Both of these issues affect the quality of your department’s services in the community.

The solution: Fire department software

PowerEngage by PowerDMS is a fire department software system that streamlines positive citizen feedback to firefighters after their interactions and provides opportunities to support firefighters’ well-being. 

PowerEngage sends automated weekly emails to firefighters with positive feedback from citizens they interacted with, ensuring they receive commendations directly. The fire department software also collects and displays words of appreciation for firefighters that can be shown on screens throughout the department. 

In addition, PowerEngage helps departments facilitate wellness checks for firefighters who recently responded to a traumatic call. The system notifies your department’s peer supporters after critical events so they can check in to provide guidance and any additional resources necessary. This ensures firefighters have access to valuable, timely peer support amidst the high-pressure demands of their day-to-day work.

The benefits of a community engagement platform

PowerEngage helps boost firefighter motivation and morale in your fire department so you can provide the best services possible to your community. Sending firefighters feedback from the citizens they served shows them the positive impact they're having in the community. By sharing commendations publicly, firefighters can also see they're appreciated by the department. 

The wellness check reminders ensure firefighters receive the support they need after particularly tough experiences in the field, so you can support their mental well-being and reduce firefighter burnout. 

Increased department morale and positive community relationships can also help grow retention and recruitment for your fire department. Reduced burnout drives lower turnover rates and shows new recruits that your department is a great place to work. You can retain valuable experience and attract more recruits with one solution.  

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