Developing Constitutional & Effective Policies

"Policies and procedures are the first line of defense against risk for any law enforcement agency,” Developing Constitutional & Effective Policies.

November 5, 2015

Resulting guide reveals methodology, application and process to ensure operational excellence.

Orlando, Fla. (November 52015) – Every law enforcement officer and agency is one bad policy away from being the big next news story. Teaching and practicing bias-free, constitutionally-defensible policy is the key to maintaining a law enforcement agency’s reputation and protecting it from damaging litigation. Unfortunately, constitutional policing is almost never taught, and rarely learned, in the field or at the academy.

For over a decade, Attorney Eric Daigle, principal of the Daigle Law Group, has consulted with agencies on this topic. Daigle partnered with cloud-based document management software company, PowerDMS to convene a group of police chiefs and law enforcement experts for a law enforcement policy development summit. The group met to identify accepted and recommended practices to develop and distribute policies and procedures, ensuring effective and constitutional police operations.

The experts’ thoughts and advice were captured in a critical piece of research created to help protect law enforcement agencies and officers from embarrassing and costly mistakes. The paper, Developing Constitutional and Effective Policies: What They Didn’t Teach You at the Academy, covers:

  1. The implications of proper policy and how they benefit an agency
  2. Resources for effective policy development
  3. Methodology for policy distribution and enforcement

“Policies and procedures are the first line of defense against risk for any law enforcement agency,” said Steve Hebbe, chief of police, Farmington Police Department and policy summit participant. “If we’re sued for an incident involving one of our officers, it’s vital to show we had a policy in place providing direction, and that the employee was trained on the policy. You have to get it right.”

About PowerDMS

PowerDMS, headquartered in Orlando, Fla., is cloud-based software that stores and distributes content online. The application provides practical tools to organize and manage crucial documents and industry standards, train and test employees, and uphold proof of compliance, thereby helping organizations reduce risk and liability.  PowerDMS simplifies document management through powerful collaboration, process and automation.

About Daigle Law Group

Daigle Law Group, LLC is a full service Law Firm with both a general practice and specialty application. Daigle Law Group is dedicated to providing resources and guidance to Police Executives in multiple areas of Law Enforcement Operation. These resources include representation, consulting services, policy development, management operational studies and legal training programs.

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