PowerDMS by NEOGOV Announces PowerReady Training Software for Public Safety Agencies

Cloud-based software solution now integrates CAD data into training workflows for a more efficient and effective mentorship experience

October 11, 2023

EL SEGUNDO, Ca., Oct. 11, 2023 – Today PowerDMS by NEOGOV announces the release of PowerReady, a cloud-based software solution designed to help public safety agencies streamline the management of training programs for employees. Formerly known as PowerFTO, PowerReady features more robust capabilities, most notably, CAD (computer-aided dispatch) integration. Users can now incorporate CAD data into everyday training workflows, so that trainers can spend less time on intensive paper-based reporting processes, and more time where it matters most - mentoring new public safety officers.

Training is key to the success of an agency’s team, with multiple phases required for trainees to do their jobs safely and effectively. One core phase is the coaching they get from an experienced professional. This phase gets employees ready to work independently in their field. PowerReady enables public safety agencies to utilize their preferred training model and seamlessly manage, track, and measure on-the-job training in real-time, with a single solution. Trainers are empowered with real-time dashboards to identify areas where trainees need improvement, and as a result, trainees get the targeted support they need to succeed. 

Training sets the course for a public safety professional’s career

“Since 2001, we’ve worked hand-in-hand with public safety agencies to understand their needs and shape intuitive, effective solutions that empower them to do their jobs more efficiently,” said Scott MacDonald, general manager of public safety, PowerDMS by NEOGOV. “Training sets the course for a public safety professional’s career. And with PowerReady, agencies across the board can leverage templates that match their preferred training programs, configure them to meet their needs, then easily track compliance, trainee progress, and program effectiveness in one place. By using PowerReady, agencies can rest assured that every employee receives the comprehensive training they need to be successful in their new role.”

PowerReady also provides robust reporting capabilities, which allow supervisors to view which phases of the program are most successful and which have room for improvement. From the ability to view trainer performance to trainee success, supervisors now have unparalleled visibility into their new role training programs with the click of a button. “PowerReady saves our instructors so much time and gives them the ability to run reports and get statistics they wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Second Lieutenant Eric Becker of Fairfax County Police Department.

PowerReady is designed for a wide range of public safety agencies, including law enforcement, emergency communications, corrections, emergency medical services (EMS) and combined fire and EMS agencies. The software can easily be configured with more than 15 program templates for established public safety training models, including San Jose, Reno, NENA, NEMSMA, and more.

For more information about PowerReady, go to https://www.powerdms.com/power-ready.

About PowerDMS

PowerDMS, a subsidiary of NEOGOV, offers a cloud-based policy and compliance management platform that helps over 4,000 customers and 1,000,000 users reduce risk and liability, protect reputation, increase efficiency, and save lives. The company provides software tools to organize and manage an organization’s critical documents and industry accreditation standards, and allows for training and testing of employees. PowerDMS serves customers in the private sector, public safety, government, and healthcare and has achieved significant organic growth in these markets. To learn more, go to www.powerdms.com


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