PowerDMS Announces Licensing Agreement With Joint Commission

PowerDMS will publish and distribute Joint Commission Standards Manuals and policy content

November 3, 2020

Orlando, Fla. – November 3, 2020 – PowerDMS announced today a licensing agreement with Joint Commission Resources, Inc. (JCR) to license and publish several Joint Commission standards manuals for use with PowerDMS – a policy, training and accreditation management platform.

The PowerDMS accreditation solution provides health care organizations with an intuitive tool to crosswalk their policies and procedures to Joint Commission standards. PowerDMS ensures survey readiness by creating a dynamic, living relationship between an organization’s compliance documents and standards requirements. When a standard is updated, PowerDMS notifies organizations and flags documents in need of review as a result of the changes.

Joint Commission standards licensed and published by PowerDMS include manuals for:

  • Hospitals (acute care)
  • Critical access hospitals
  • Home care
  • Laboratory services
  • Ambulatory health care
  • Behavioral health care and human services
  • Office-based surgery
  • Nursing care centers

Additionally, PowerDMS announced it has secured rights to distribute PolicySource, a resource that provides dozens of downloadable sample policies and procedures required by Joint Commission standards. The resource has been approved by The Joint Commission and is regularly updated. The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists, 2nd Edition and The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists for Infection Prevention and Control will also be available for purchase from PowerDMS.

Both PolicySource and the Big Book of Checklists will be distributed through the PowerDMS platform. Users can subscribe to policy-related content directly from their PowerDMS site. By importing content, users can customize the documents for their organizational needs, map them to related Joint Commission standards and provide staff the ability to view and attest to relevant content. Whenever a piece of content is updated in PolicySource or the Big Book of Checklists, users are notified within their site and via email that a new version is available to view.

About PowerDMS
Founded in 2001, PowerDMS offers a cloud-based compliance management platform that helps users reduce risk and liability, protect reputation, increase efficiency, and save lives. The company provides software tools to organize and manage an organization’s critical documents and industry accreditation standards and allows for training and testing of employees. Most of the over 4,000 PowerDMS customers represent high-risk industries with compliance requirements in the healthcare, government, and commercial sectors. 

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