PowerDMS Launches the First Law Enforcement Wellness App Featuring Complete Anonymity and a Nationwide Peer Network

Designed by law enforcement for law enforcement, PowerLine offers camaraderie and individualized resources to improve officer well-being

August 25, 2022


Today PowerDMS launches PowerLine, the public safety industry’s first wellness app to include complete anonymity and a nationwide network of peers. PowerLine improves mental wellness for law enforcement professionals at every level with confidential, 24/7 mobile access to support and resources designed by law enforcement for law enforcement. PowerLine has been beta tested with a network of more than 2,100 officers.

Last year, suicide claimed the lives of 150 officers across the nation. According to statistics by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, police officers report much higher rates of depression, burnout, PTSD, and anxiety than the general population. The scarcity of wellness resources for law enforcement, combined with the stigma and potential career consequences of using those resources, means officers aren't getting the support they need.

PowerLine offers support with around-the-clock access to a network of peer volunteers, dynamic topic-specific group sessions, and customized professional resources that address the issues officers face daily. Once PowerLine is enabled, officers can access the app on their own terms while remaining completely anonymous.

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