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Along with you, I have watched the senseless killing of another Black man, who didn’t need to die.

December 29, 2020

Along with you, I have watched the senseless killing of another Black man, who didn’t need to die.

I, and the entire leadership team at PowerDMS, strongly condemn the actions of the officers who killed George Floyd. These officers need to be accountable for their actions and justice should be swift.

Accountability to uphold the law as the law and not apply it differently to people based on their ethnicity is one of the core issues of this latest injustice. For an officer not to prejudge a person by the color of their skin and apply a different set of standards to how the law is enforced – this is the purpose of policy. Every law enforcement agency should have clear policies, including an independent body that conducts investigations of alleged misconduct.

Although law enforcement organizations are our largest group of customers, that does not mean we cannot condemn the actions of bad policing and/or unjust behavior. Our mission is to provide organizations with tools to help them develop transparent policies, to train employees and hold them accountable to those policies, and to make those policies readily available for public scrutiny. We thank the thousands of organizations who are committed to improving policy, accountability and trust within their own organization and with the people they serve.

Innovation, Openness, Moving Quickly, Vulnerability, Generosity, Happiness. These are the values we strive to live by at PowerDMS. In a recent CBS interview with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, he encourages all of us to be a shining light on the world around us as to where the dust of racism still settles. Even here at PowerDMS, we should shine that light, and we will. Let’s all be open, vulnerable and generous with each other to find a better way of working and serving each other by combating racism and injustice around us.

Dave DiGiacomo

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