The one-stop wellness app for law enforcement. 

PowerLine is a complete wellness solution made specifically for law enforcement. Designed for individuals across all ranks in your agency, PowerLine offers confidential, 24/7 access to a nationwide network of volunteer peers, a cutting-edge content library, dynamic group sessions, and complete anonymity. 


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Key Benefits

  • Nationwide network of volunteer peers
  • Peer-matching by rank and experience level
  • Confidential group sessions with peer volunteers  
  • 24/7 access to a cutting-edge content library
  • User browsing data immediately deleted after access 
  • In-app access to existing wellness resources


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Volunteer peers nationwide

PowerLine provides access to a nationwide network of volunteer peers, giving officers the opportunity to connect with peers outside of their own agencies. Our proprietary algorithm anonymously matches officers by rank, experience level, and the department’s volume of high-impact crimes, giving them direct access to peers with firsthand experience in the same challenges they face every day.


Anonymity gives officers peace of mind

Built around the individual, not the agency, PowerLine breaks down barriers that traditionally prevent officers from seeking support. Officers don’t need to worry about having their activity reported to supervisors or watched by the department. All browsing data is immediately deleted after access so they can receive the support they need without judgment or potential career consequences.

Complete set of resources

PowerLine’s extensive resource library is designed by active and retired law enforcement personnel to specifically address the challenges faced by law enforcement on a daily basis. You can also upload existing wellness resources, providing direct in-app access to local services you’ve already established in your department. PowerLine is supported by professional clinicians who provide peer volunteer training and are available 24/7 as an escalation resource in case volunteers encounter warning signs of suicide.


Measurable insights

PowerLine anonymously measures how resources are utilized in your agency, providing you with aggregated data to drive future wellness initiatives. Understand feature usage, view user-rated scores of resources and volunteer peers, and identify wellness needs in your department all while measuring your ROI. 

Explore key features


Scheduled Group Sessions

Topic-driven group sessions with volunteer peers.


24/7 Access

Recommended resources are available to officers at any time.


True Anonymity

All browsing data is confidential and immediately deleted after access.


Full Content Library

Cutting-edge wellness resources designed by law enforcement professionals.


Peer Matching

Ensures users communicate with peers who understand their unique challenges.


Measurable Insights

Anonymized usage provides you with aggregated data to identify needs, drive future initiatives, and measure ROI.

Support your officers and empower your department with PowerLine.

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