Save Time on FTO Documentation with Police Field Training Software

Learn how law enforcement agencies can use an FTO online system to save time on tedious training documentation.

August 24, 2022

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The problem: Time-consuming documentation

Training and evaluating law enforcement officers is one of the most important tasks in every law enforcement agency. The focus should be on optimizing field training, not paperwork. But the extensive requirements of employee training documentation, especially with inefficient manual document management systems, means FTOs end up spending too much time on paperwork and not enough time optimizing your field training program for success.

As law enforcement agencies face increased public pressure and constantly changing policies, documenting officer training and keeping officers accountable is more important than ever – but it’s also more complex. Without a centralized system to manage your police paperwork, tracking trainee progress to completion is unnecessarily challenging. Manually updating, changing, and tracking documentation can quickly become frustrating and time-consuming tasks. 

Especially as police departments are operating with increasingly limited staff, these outdated processes take time away from what’s important: training your officers for success and protecting your agency. Being unable to efficiently track and document training also makes it near-impossible to maintain agency-wide standards of accountability, opening up the possibility of liability and compliance issues that compromise both officer and community safety. FTO online solutions can help. 

The solution: Police field training software

PowerReady by PowerDMS is a complete field training and documentation solution made specifically to address your agency’s needs. This law enforcement field training software eliminates time-consuming police paperwork for your FTOs, streamlines field training documentation in one centralized system, and makes it easy to track trainee progress. 

Simplify training management

PowerReady manages and tracks your field training documents in a single, cloud-based location. The system is highly customizable, letting you set agency-specific goals for your field training program, create automated workflows, and log calls and objectives into DORs efficiently. PowerReady enables you to automate your onboarding and field training programs with the ability to assign tasks to individuals, groups, or departments that trainees must complete to keep them on track throughout their training. Task assignments allow for streamlined communication between your FTOs and trainees, with email notification reminders when a task is due. This FTO online automation is especially helpful as police departments try to stay on top of their endless workload with strained resources.

Streamline trainee and document tracking

PowerReady’s easy-to-use features improve FTO tracking and analysis of your department’s field training program. You can view trainee progress – and trainer effectiveness – and identify areas for improvement with detailed dashboards and reports that the software automatically compiles based on real-time data.

The police field training software also keeps you aware of potential training issues by notifying supervisors about DORs, forms, and low-performing reports that require more in-depth review. In doing so, PowerReady’s field training software helps you ensure officers successfully complete their required training. 

The benefits of an FTO online system

PowerReady’s law enforcement field training software enforces accountability and helps you avoid liability issues. Keep staff informed and up-to-date on training, and protect your agency with greater oversight to their training performance and completion. Plus, the software’s useful data insights show you where you can improve your field training program to drive greater success in the future.

Furthermore, PowerReady simplifies FTO documentation workflows and eliminates tedious manual processes for your staff, saving your agency time and resources.  Switching your documentation process from hard-copy paperwork to an FTO online training platform reduces printing costs and eliminates time-consuming manual document management errors. PowerReady’s automated processes take the focus away from tedious documentation so you can optimize training, strengthen organizational culture, and better serve your community. 

Ready to get started?

Take your time back and put it to better use by digitizing field training documentation in your department with an FTO online solution. Schedule a free demo to see how PowerReady can help you today.

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