Being an accreditation manager is a tough job and can be a total grind. Thankfully, it’s almost 2013. Here are five pieces of technology every accreditation manager or compliance officer needs to make life just a little bit easier:


1. A smartphone  –Meaning an iPhone (Android or Blackberry if you must). These pocket-sized wonders might as well fold out into small studio apartments with everything they can do these days. As an accreditation manager, you can send and receive emails, look at important documents, record dictated notes, manage your work contacts and calendar, check the weather, get the latest news you don’t have time to read, update your Facebook status and hone your Scramble With Friends skills–all in the palm of your hand. Oh, and they make calls too. All in all, an absolute must.

2. PowerDMS – We’re not sure how you’re managing accreditation if you’re not a PowerDMS user. With this all-in-one document management solution, you can write fresh policies and procedures or upload existing documents, collaborate and complete assessments together with workflows and task management, and easily manage and track revisions made to standards manuals and attachment proofs while viewing changes in a side-by-side comparison panel. Get the most of the ongoing process of compliance management by assigning statuses to each standard point, and pull reports or review on-page progress bars for real-time progress. With PowerDMS, there’s no stopping you.

3. An iPad – Don’t be the only one at your next industry conference not showing off your assessments on a shiny new tablet with a stunning retina display. Performing better than your favorite laptop, accreditation managers can access assessments, policies and standards, edit documents, go to meetings, take notes, collaborate, brainstorm and analyze reports all while on the go.

4. FreeWiFiFinder App – Now that you’ve taken your accreditation online, this app, designed for iPhone, iPad and Android, will help you find your next free WiFi spot. This handy piece of technology lets you save your favorite spots and filter by venue type. So go ahead, drop that heavy laptop bag, plug in, grab a $5 latte and pilfer some free Internet.

5. A Marpac White Noise Sleep Machine – Now that your job is not weighing on your mind, this little gem will have you sleeping like a baby in no time. The soothing sounds of rushing air drown out snorers and other bothersome noises for a great night’s sleep.