Collect Citizen Feedback & Measure Satisfaction through Fire Software

Learn how citizen engagement software leverages citizen feedback to measure how your community feels about your fire department.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Measuring citizen satisfaction

As emergency first responders, firefighters are an essential part of any community. To ensure your department is performing effectively, it’s important to understand what you’re doing well and how you can improve. 

One of the best ways to do this is by measuring community satisfaction with your department’s services through citizen satisfaction surveys. But fire departments don’t have a reliable solution that answers how to measure perception in their community. In today’s tech-forward world, citizens have high expectations for public safety services, but fire departments don’t have a streamlined system for collecting unfiltered feedback.

Without the ability to collect feedback, fire departments can’t get a clear picture of where to make improvements. Not prioritizing citizen feedback can make them feel unheard and put a strain on community relationships with the department. Consistent negativity from the community deteriorates firefighter morale and can even affect the department’s quality of service as a result.

The solution: Citizen engagement software

PowerEngage by PowerDMS can be used as fire software to streamline citizen satisfaction surveys and quantify how the community feels about your fire department’s services. The system automatically sends text surveys to callers, victims, witnesses, and others after certain interactions with your department. Survey selections are made based on integrated CAD and RMS data to give you relevant feedback on how you serve.

Based on your fire department customer satisfaction survey responses, PowerEngage also calculates a Citizen Positive Satisfaction Score (CPSS). This CPSS allows you to quantify how citizens feel about your department. You can track this data over time to identify satisfaction trends in your community and leverage feedback to improve. 

The benefits of PowerEngage as fire software

Used as fire software, PowerEngage enables you to gather objective feedback after certain interactions with your firefighters so you have a real-time understanding of how your fire department is perceived. This citizen engagement software’s automated text surveys have a 50% survey response rate – five times higher than the industry average. By giving citizens the opportunity to share their thoughts after an incident, your community feels heard and valued by your department.

Hearing positive feedback from community members and seeing a high CPSS can also boost fire staff morale. Your firefighters will feel appreciated and more motivated to keep providing the best services possible. With PowerEngage, you can also identify satisfaction trends over time, allowing you to make data-informed decisions to improve training, operations, and more.

Final thoughts

Learn how your fire department can use PowerEngage to improve fire department community outreach and measure citizen satisfaction – schedule a free demo today.

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