Responding to COVID with policy management software

Despite the uncertainty, now is the time to take control of our policies and mitigate risk. Uncertainty is why we need to take action, and quickly.

December 29, 2020

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Structure in the midst of chaos

We find ourselves in the middle of a global crisis. For many of us, a pandemic of this magnitude is unprecedented. COVID-19 arrived unexpectedly and there are still many unknowns.

Despite the uncertainty, now is the time to take control of our policies and mitigate risk. In fact, the uncertainty is why we need to take action, and quickly. It’s the best way to help our organization navigate the chaos.

With the new coronavirus spreading across the world, effective communication is key. Now more than ever, we need an efficient way of updating and distributing policies and procedures to employees. Especially if you’re in the public sector.

Our public servants are on the frontline. While much of the population is quarantining and social distancing, our healthcare providers, law enforcement agencies, and first responders are in the trenches serving us. With the right policy management software, you can keep our nation’s heroes well-prepared and as safe as possible.

“When there is an emergency, time is of the essence. When you can put critical information in one easily accessible spot, it is invaluable.”
- Troy M. Clausen, OSSA Training Coordinator

If you’re in the public sector, you need answers to these questions. But regardless of industry, policies related to remote work, travel, and health and safety are of utmost importance.

In this article, we will discuss how policy management software can help your organization respond to crises like coronavirus, and how PowerDMS is using its own platform to update, distribute, and track policies.

How PowerDMS created new COVID-related policies

Information regarding the coronavirus changes daily, as does the government’s response and regulations at the federal, state, and local levels. With these frequent changes, how do you provide staff with the most updated information?

Here’s how the folks at PowerDMS do it.

Using PowerDMS software, our leadership and HR teams collaborated on a Remote Work Policy. How did they collaborate effectively without being in the office together? Fortunately, PowerDMS makes remote collaboration simple and easy.

Step 1: Create policy and workflow

To get started, our HR director created the policy and set up a workflow. The workflow let her assign a series of approvers from the HR and leadership team. That way, multiple people across departments could review and edit the document in sequential order.

Upon being assigned as an approver, the document was automatically sent to each person’s inbox and to-do list.


Step 2: Review, compare, and edit

At this point, the first approver reviewed the document. He decided to add some language about specific goals PowerDMS is trying to reach during this extended period of remote work.

When he clicked to edit the document, it automatically opened in Microsoft Word. He made the necessary changes, saved it, and the policy automatically updated in PowerDMS.

He then approved the document and it moved on to the second approver in the workflow, who was automatically notified.

The second, and last, approver wanted to see what changes had been made since the workflow started. With our document comparison functionality, he was able to compare the current and original versions side-by-side. He made a couple quick edits, left a comment for the HR director, and approved the policy.


Step 3: Disseminate to employees

Our HR director published the policy and assigned it for signature, meaning she required a certain group—in this case all PowerDMS staff—to E-sign the document.


All employees received the document in their inbox and to-do list, as well as a notification on their phones if they had the mobile app. At any point, the HR director could check progress and review who still needed to sign the policy.


Step 4: Increase accountability and safety

We also embedded a hand washing YouTube video onto our digital platform. The two minute video covered best practices.

With the entire workforce already at home, employees were asked to watch the video, take a short test, and E-sign the document. The test verified comprehension, so leadership could rest assured that employees were taking proper precautionary measures at home.

The truth is, sending staff an email about “things they should be doing” is not as effective as sending them the information in policy format with a test and E-signature.



How is your organization responding to COVID variants?

These are just two examples of how PowerDMS has used its own software to create new policies, update procedures, communicate effectively, and keep its staff healthy and safe.

How has your organization responded to this crisis? Are manual processes slowing down your response time? Are untrackable, mass emails not cutting it?

In times of crisis, effective risk management tools can get your organization through to the other side. We will come out of this, but only together.

How can we help your organization?

As a cloud-based policy management platform, PowerDMS lets you compile important documents into one, interconnected system where you can manage, track, and disseminate policies and training. Explore some of the additional features below:


Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, Adobe, and more, you can edit policies directly in PowerDMS with your preferred applications.


Protect your organization from liability by keeping your employees accountable with E-sign, revision tracking, and real-time notifications.

Version Control

Stay organized with a single draft and published version of each policy. Manage risk by archiving past versions for future reference.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Compare and review changes to your policy manual the easy way. Our tool automatically highlights all edits for your convenience.

Workflows & Review Cycles

Set up advanced workflows to collaborate across your organization, and maintain compliance by regularly updating your key documents.


Access critical content anytime, anywhere. Get real-time notifications, search for policies online, and E-sign your time-sensitive documents.

Face the unknown with confidence

PowerDMS is uniquely positioned to help organizations like yours in times of uncertainty. Learn more about how PowerDMS can help you respond to coronavirus, mitigate risk, and prepare for the unknown. Reserve your free demo today.

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