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We are expanding PowerDMS to include new public safety tools like field training, community engagement, and employee scheduling.

January 6, 2022

We built PowerDMS to serve public safety, to equip you to better serve your employees, your agency, and your community. We’ve done this with our integrated platform, connecting and simplifying how you manage policies, train staff, and prove accreditation. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished with you (we couldn’t have done it without you!), but our work isn’t finished.

In our pursuit to serve you better, our goal is to create an all-inclusive public safety platform for recruiting, training, equipping, and protecting first responders across their careers. That’s why we’re excited to announce the expansion of PowerDMS to include new public safety tools like field training, community engagement, and employee scheduling.

You will still have the same, great policy and compliance management software. You’ll still get the same, great customer service. But now, you’ll be able to access these additional tools without having to navigate multiple vendors.

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Community Engagement

PowerEngage, formerly CueHit, is the complete community engagement solution for 911, law enforcement, and Fire/EMS. It’s a controlled channel for reshaping citizen connections, building community trust, and boosting officer morale.

  • Measure citizen satisfaction with automatic text surveys
  • Boost officer morale and reinforce positive interactions
  • Identify gaps in training and take corrective action
  • Build community trust and mitigate risk to your agency

Field Training

PowerReady, formerly Agency360, is the complete onboarding and field training solution for law enforcement, EMS, communications, and more. It provides real-time data at your fingertips, so you can access field training records, track a trainee's progress, and assess a trainer's effectiveness.

  • Automate your onboarding process
  • Centralize and standardize field training records 
  • Develop employee behavior instead of just documenting it
  • Analyze real-time data quickly with an easy-to-use interface

Employee Scheduling

PowerTime, formerly PlanIt, is the complete personnel scheduler for public safety organizations. It digitizes your online schedule so you can save time, reduce scheduling errors, give employees 24/7 access to their schedules, and more.

  • Ensure your department is properly staffed for every shift
  • Simplify time off requests and approval
  • View and easily edit real-time employee schedules
  • Collect and export scheduling data to streamline payroll

Interested in learning more?

To learn more about these new products, how you can access them, and potential add-on fees, contact our sales team today.

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