Can PowerDMS integrate with our HR system?

We are working towards an open API that will let municipalities integrate PowerDMS with their HR system(s).

January 27, 2021

We are working towards an open API that will let you integrate PowerDMS with your HR system(s). It is currently in beta, but upon release, your organization would be responsible for the connection.

Even before the open API is released, certain functionality like user and group management is still possible in PowerDMS. One of our advanced features, PowerDMS Sync, lets you upload or modify users in bulk by syncing to your Active Directory. This does require a tool, provided by us, which can be installed and run on a single server within your network.

Using this tool, you can also sync users to groups you’ve created in PowerDMS. If only certain portions of your organization will be using PowerDMS, it may be beneficial to create a group specifically for PowerDMS users in your Active Directory.

During your onboarding process, one of our onboarding specialists will work with you and your IT admin to import users into PowerDMS.

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