Policy management success begins with creating the right policies, but it must also extend out to getting employees to comply with best practices. It is impossible for law enforcement agencies to control how every officer behaves in the field and ensure full behavioral compliance. Training and similar measures can help. What agencies do need to do, however, is achieve 100 percent compliance in terms of having officers sign off on reading policies. This is harder than it sounds.

Going digital can help. Cost-efficient document management software tools can simplify and streamline internal policy compliance. Here are five ways you can use these technologies to get the job done:

1. Simplify distribution
Trying to get policy updates to everybody via paper documents involves printing large numbers of documents, distributing them through the office, mailing them to employees as needed and hoping that people keep track of the papers. Going digital connects officers with the policies via email or a Web app, making it extremely easy to get everybody what they need without any sort of delay.

2. Make signing easy
If you’ve used email or similar digital tools for policies in the past, you’ve probably gotten complaints about people needing to print and scan files to record the signature in the system. Modern document management platforms feature built-in electronic signatures, making it much easier for users to sign off on a policy.

3. Streamline revisions
Having a policy go out only to need to revise it a few days later and redistribute it can be extraordinarily frustrating. With a digital document management system, this can all be done in a few clicks, and the whole process is so simple for your officers that it won’t be a big deal to ask them to sign a second time.

Alerts can go a long way toward simplifying internal policy compliance.
Alerts can go a long way toward simplifying internal policy compliance.

4. Create alerts
Document management software lets you build reminders and alerts into policy distribution. These will notify employees when they have failed to sign off on a policy without requiring managerial intervention.

5. Gain visibility
Internal auditing tools provide transparency into who has signed off on different policies and when they did so. Being able to view all of these details quickly and easily within the same app where related document management functions are housed makes life much simpler.

Compliance doesn’t have to be a nightmare of tracking people down and trying to get them to finally stop what they are┬ádoing to read and sign a document. Going digital ensures internal policy compliance and streamlines the process for your entire staff.