Becker’s ASC Review recently featured an article titled, “8 Common ASC Accreditation Pitfalls & Their Solutions” by Sabrina Rodak. In it, Rodak highlights the most common problems ambulatory surgery centers face when dealing with accreditation, as discussed by Steven A. Gunderson, DO, CEO, medical director of Rockford Ambulatory Surgery Center and surveyor for the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) during the Spine, Orthopedic & Pine Management-Driven ASC Conference.

PowerDMS has an agreement with AAAHC and other highly regarded accrediting organizations, granting healthcare providers the ability to access Standards manuals electronically using PowerDMS™. This will ultimately assist organizations with preparing for, achieving and maintaining accreditation while reducing liability and risk. It also provides the solution to several of the problems outlined.

Problem: Failure to obtain the appropriate AAAHC handbook.
PowerDMS Solution: PowerDMS works directly with AAAHC, ensuring the most up-to-date manuals are available in the system. With our cloud-based application, users are notified, via electronic alerts, anytime a change is made. There is never a chance of having an outdated manual or pulling an older version. In addition, users can track revisions and compare different versions in a side-by-side comparison.

Problem: Failure to conduct an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) self-assessment prior to survey.
PowerDMS Solution: Self-assessments are simple when using PowerDMS™ as your central repository. With our assessment tool you can attach your supporting evidence (policy, procedure, document, video, photo, etc.) directly to the AAAHC regulation or standard. By intelligently mapping these documents, you can quickly prove compliance to an assessor, surveyor or auditor in a few mouse clicks without fumbling your way through paper files, documents saved in shared folders or email attachments.

Problem: Failure to address issues following self-assessment
PowerDMS Solution:
With PowerDMS you can easily keep track of your progress during the self-assessment process. Assign roles, statuses, set alerts and quickly run reports for real-time updates.

Problem: Failure to engage your ASC staff in the accreditation process.
PowerDMS Solution: PowerDMS allows you to send electronic files to team members to ask for input and require e-signature(s) for proof of receipt. You can create custom tests or surveys to further confirm knowledge, and assign tasks to appropriate coworkers for collaboration – allowing you to share the workload to complete assessments.

Problem: Peer review is not actively ongoing.
PowerDMS Solution: ASCs can electronically manage the peer-review process with PowerDMS. Start by uploading existing peer-review policies and procedures or author new ones within the software. Set alerts to keep track of when peer reviews are due. Document the peer review within the system to easily locate at any time. Share the review electronically and capture a required e-signature. Attach proof of a peer review to accreditation standards, when applicable.

With today’s shifting healthcare landscape, ASCs are faced with a multitude of challenges. PowerDMS can help alleviate a number of the controllable problems with a web-based software solution, allowing organizations to focus their time and resources on improving the quality of patient care and employee well being.