Better Enforce Staff Accountability with Policy Management Software

Find out how policy management software streamlines policy review, approval, and distribution to support staff accountability at your EMS agency.

October 3, 2022

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The problem: Holding staff accountable to EMS policies and procedures 

Emergency medical situations require quick decisions that make the difference between life and death. As a result, first responders must be familiar with numerous policies and procedures to guarantee a uniform approach to this healthcare provision. But EMS Supervisors that rely on inefficient policy management and distribution processes struggle to enforce staff accountability with these standards of care. 

That’s because – in addition to being laborious and time-consuming – manual policy review and approval processes lack consistency and transparency. Staff must spend valuable time updating and distributing policies to employees but lack clear communication channels to ensure everyone is up-to-date with changes. As a result, supervisors don’t always know whether employees have read and acknowledged policies – or that they fully understand them.

Unfortunately, these knowledge gaps lead to inconsistent practices that lower the quality of patient care. Limited accountability and non-compliance thus impair the safety of EMS responders, put citizens at risk, and increase the likelihood for liability complaints toward your agency.

The solution: Policy management software for EMS

PowerPolicy, an emergency medical services software by PowerDMS, improves EMS accountability by streamlining policy review in one central repository

Policy review, acknowledgement, and comprehension 

You can use this software to send automated notifications that alert individuals whenever activity requires their attention, including review and approval tasks, notice of upcoming policy reviews, and new document version releases. Additionally, PowerPolicy automatically prompts staff to sign updated versions of previously signed policies. Employees can view old and new policies side-by-side to identify changes and use the tools discussed in the table below to demonstrate their acknowledgement and comprehension. 

Policy Management Software Tool

How It Helps Improve Accountability

Electronic signatures

  • Assign documents to be acknowledged and electronically signed by users or specific groups.
  • Verify employees have reviewed policies. 


  • Attach custom tests to policies that EMS staff must pass before signing.  
  • Ensure staff have not only reviewed policies, but also thoroughly understand changes.

Dashboards and to-do lists

  • Track statuses of to-do task checklists, training progress, and test scores. 
  • Enable staff to quickly identify items that require their attention.   

Mobile app

  • Staff can access your EMS policy and procedure manual from any location and at any time. 

Tracking and compliance

You can impose additional layers of transparency by using PowerPolicy’s tracking and compliance tools. The report builder shows a history of actions for documents so you can provide proof that employees have accessed and signed off on specific policies. At the same time, version control ensures everyone always has access to the most up-to-date documentation. This emergency medical services software also has an audit trail feature that shows a complete history of every document, including: 

  • What changes staff have made to a document 
  • The approval status of a document 
  • Who has read, signed, and edited a document 

Add-on training solution 

PowerPolicy also has another feature that makes this the best EMS software for improving accountability. PowerDMS’s add-on training solution enables you to create, distribute, and track online training courses for staff, including validating training data and using tests to ensure policy comprehension. This cloud-based system makes training as accessible as possible while reducing the costs associated with in-person training. 

The benefits of emergency medical services software

PowerPolicy provides one central repository for tracking policy and procedure reviews and ensuring staff acknowledge and comprehend their significance. Proactively communicating policies and procedures in the workplace helps you hold staff accountable and keep everyone informed. In doing so, you support citizen safety in the field, improve compliance throughout the agency, and mitigate risk to your agency and the community. 

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